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moby wrap 14mth old

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Beaker1983 Wed 14-Aug-13 21:29:56


Just a quick questing about positions in a Moby wrap.
Is forward facing ok for a 14 mthnth old? She is 20lb and has been walking since she was 10months, I've heard forward facing is a bad idea for smaller developing babies but as she is toddling does it still apply?


pootlebug Wed 14-Aug-13 22:51:11

It will really hurt your back after a few minutes. When your baby faces you their legs wrap around you and it brings their centre of gravity much closer to you. When their legs dangle down it pulls their centre of gravity away and the difference is huge.

I don't think it would harm your little one for short periods, but it would be much comfier for you to do a facing-you front or hip carry.

Beaker1983 Wed 14-Aug-13 23:02:36

Thanks smile

May try a hip carry not attempted that yet!


maja00 Wed 14-Aug-13 23:06:35

14 months is a bit big for a moby I think - you'd be better with a woven wrap or something with buckles.

Beaker1983 Fri 16-Aug-13 12:42:17

Have taken your advice onboard and have invested in an Ellaroo wrap.

Ridiculously excited! Am hoping I will have it down by the time we go abroad.
Wish me luck!

PinkPepper Fri 16-Aug-13 13:11:20

Ooh have fun with your new woven. You can back carry with it too smile

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