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Anyone heard of an emeibaby carrier?

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itsMYNutella Mon 01-Apr-13 22:11:06

I have a moby wrap which DS is not keen on. He is 13 weeks old and tends to fight against it with arms and legs. I've been loaned a manduca but his legs really aren't long enough for it yet (apparently it is ideal when is legs hang out of it at the knee IYSWIM) and I'm not convinced he is comfy in the newborn bit that you button them into.... Although he was more content in it for longer than in the moby.

Then the emeibaby ( here ) was recommended to me over the weekend and I have to say it looks fab. Sadly DS was fast asleep in the pram while I was in the shop so couldn't try it out with him in. I really like the idea of the ease of the belts and buckles of the manduca for me; but the comfort for baby of the wrap...

I will try and get back to the shop this week to play with it, but would appreciate it if anyone has any tips! The link I've put in above also sell jacket inserts so you can zip your jacket up while wearing your baby - why I was there - and I'm really impressed with mine smile I was so impressed I said I'd recommend them, and there I have. grin

I'm in Germany btw and haven't found any sling meets.

MollyNollyNoo Wed 03-Apr-13 11:41:13

I have read really good things about them, I 'm a bit gutted that they seem to be fairly new and DS was a bit big for them by the time I found out about them. I would definitely have tried one otherwise.

A lot of the reviews I read were on the natural mamas website, I have chosen a few slings based on reviews on there.

I am envy that you have an actual shop near you! smile

itsMYNutella Wed 03-Apr-13 15:19:23

Molly thank you for your reply! I have only seen them in this one tiny little shop - their main business is the jacket inserts. I will be popping back there to try out the carrier though.

I tried and tried the manduca but found I was carrying his weight from my shoulders instead of on my hips no matter what adjustments I made.

itsMYNutella Wed 03-Apr-13 15:20:08

And thank you for the link. I'm going to have a read now smile

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