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lockdown has undone my good work

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Chelsea567 Fri 14-Aug-20 23:59:51

Lockdown has done for me too. Can't get in any of my clothes except leggings and floaty tops. We had to order new uniforms for work in December and it's just turned up. I needed to send it back for 2 sizes bigger!
Back to group on Monday with DH determined to get back in my size 14's. Goal is to be able to run again- did 0-5k last year but currently much too wobbly to run anywhere. confused

britINscotland Sun 09-Aug-20 10:37:03

Hi I lost 2lbs this week so that's good.

My plan is to try to walk more, do more of the online exercise classes, and I've been researching the best buys in the local supermarkets. I'm not one for preparing recipes from scratch so I prefer to look for eg low syn burgers like the aldi and M&S ones.

Also doing meal planning. Trying to figure out what meals to have for the week ahead that can just go in the oven or george forman or the wok. So far I have skinny burgers with SW chips, chicken stir fry, fakeaway night and I'm stuck at what else to try. Any ideas?

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Lyreco Mon 03-Aug-20 08:54:14

Ok back to basics today . We are back in class from next week and I dread it and welcome it at same time. So lots of free and speed from today and my syns will just be for yoghurt and salad dressing etc .

Have you a plan Brit . I probably have a good stone to 20 lb to lose although my target is one more stone . By the way you have done amazing work to lose 5 stone .
If we pretend that we are starting week 1 today we could lose 3 plus this week .

britINscotland Sun 02-Aug-20 19:52:20

great to have a buddy! Today was not a good day as we had a day out sad but I've written a shopping list and going to shops tomorrow and stocking up on free food and low syn options. Also going to try to meal plan.

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Lyreco Sun 02-Aug-20 17:42:29

I am same although I have put on about 5 lbs and really only in the last couple of weeks I kept to plan until then more or less . But really struggling the last few weeks .

I will join you from now in cutting out the crap . I am walking lots though and did everyday in July and am aiming now for 31 days in August . For me I just need to close my gob . I was away for the weekend and fell into my old trap of fast food from the filling station . Feel ugh now but having roast chicken this eve veg and boiled spud and a 5 km walk . I can get back there . Don’t ever want to regain it and really need now to shift the last 20 lb .

britINscotland Tue 28-Jul-20 13:25:51

Thank you everyone.

My 'D'M said this morning "you're arse is getting fat again"

Which hurt although its true.

I need to start doing a food diary again. I've started meal planning again which is good. Although its the snacking and lack of exercise I also need to address.

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WorkingItOutAsIGo Tue 28-Jul-20 08:25:41

What a fabulous achievement you have already made!! So impressive. But it’s not lockdown that’s undone your good work, it’s you. And you are someone who can do this as you have already proved. Time to get back to it and how wonderful to know you will succeed once you set your mind to it. Don’t let silly excuses stop you!!

P0lka Tue 28-Jul-20 08:21:26

"One thing I have learnt is not to be hard on yourself"
I'd actually disagree, and say be a little harder on yourself. You've done this before, and you k ow what you need to do again. Another day sitting on the sofa, putting off exercise, and eating convenience food isn't going to get you closer to your goal- it'll take you one day further from it.

One thing that helps me to exercise if I'm really not feeling like it, is to put my gym clothes on when I get dressed in the morning. That way I'm ready to go, and as soon as I log out for my lunch break I can get straight to exercising

54321GoGoGo Mon 27-Jul-20 10:24:07

The pandemic and lockdown has been really hard. Also losing 5 stone is a massive achievement. I have dieted all my life, I'd lose then somehow life happens and it's all back on my bod!

One thing I have learnt is not to be hard on yourself. Self destruction is extremely damaging. Be kind to yourself, add a walk in your routine into your day. Get the steps up, you will find more motivation doing stuff you enjoy. Play your favourite music and just dance to your fav tunes.

You're not alone, everyone is on the same boat. Minimise having high fat food in the house. It's all about balance

britINscotland Fri 24-Jul-20 09:26:01

So pre lockdown I had lost nearly 5 stone on SW

During lockdown I've put a stone back on.

My jeggings are tight. The lovely dresses I had hoped to wear this summer do not zip up.

My gym is closed so i'm not getting my usual exercise and I've tried to do online classes but I'm finding the sofa much more comfortable. Its not the same without the rest of the group.

I'm eating more takeaways and chocolate.

I know what I'm doing wrong, I just can't get the motivation to do anything about it.

Can anyone help me get my motivation back? Any tips to get myself started? I bought a food diary but I'm not even bothering to write in it.

I'm so disappointed with myself as I was so strict when working on that 5 stone!

I think another issue is shopping. Its not a pleasant experience with a mask. There are queues. And I've noticed many of my usual low syn treats and low fat burgers for example, are no longer on the shelves.

I really need help and support. Can anyone provide this for me!

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