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Groovee Sun 05-Jan-20 16:02:13

Do you have the books or the app? They will tell you which. Most 400g loaves are 2 slices or 1 slice of 800g.

BlueEyedFloozy Sun 05-Jan-20 13:19:23

60g of any wholemeal bread/roll is a HexB.

Applejack87 Sun 05-Jan-20 13:17:44

Thankyou , I’m a bit confused as to which bread to have , when I did SW previously it had to be the 400g loaf

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Groovee Sun 05-Jan-20 12:35:22

The kingsmill no crust Wholemeal gives you3 slices if you want more bread.

My favourite is Allinsons scandalous seeded bread but it's only 1 slice for a b choice.

Applejack87 Sun 05-Jan-20 12:26:13

Hi , which is best for heb B
Warbourton bread 400g or
Nimble 400g

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