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For those who have/had less to lose, how are you doing it and how long did it take?

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stoneagogo Fri 15-Mar-19 21:18:42

I'm 5'2", and really want to reach 8st. I've 9lb to lose. I'm slim boned so any fat I carry is quite obvious. Tends to go straight to my legs, bum and arms (sigh).

I'm following plan to the letter and have just introduced exercise 3 times a week. But I'm just not really losing.

My eating has completely changed from being a junk food addict (chocolate all day long, no fixed meals, rarely eat veg, never eat fruit) to avoiding chocolate, eating 3 meals a day with healthy snacks in between and using syns wisely. So I don't quite understand.

Just wondering how long it took those of you had less to lose to lose that less? And those of you who are still trying to lose those last few lbs, how are you finding it?

thepinkp Sat 16-Mar-19 11:11:39

I'm in the same boat as you and that last bit of weight is the hardest to shift. Week four for me and I've only lost 3.5 lb in total so this coming week I'm going to up my speed food and cut out milk completely! I've done it before and got there so know it can be done but you really have to be strict about it. How many syns you having per day? I'm aiming for 5-10 instead of 15 and upping my speed from a 1/4 to 1/2 to see if that kick starts weight loss.

stoneagogo Sat 16-Mar-19 13:01:24

3.5lb is great! Google a picture of what that looks like in fat and you'll see how much you've lost! I would be delighted with 1lb a week cos when you think of it, by June, we'd be where we wanted to be. To lose more than that for the last little bit may mean the weight will come back quicker. Slow and steady - but just any loss would be nice for me right now. As I started exercising at the same time as rejoining SW, I'm hoping it's muscle gain that's preventing movement on the scales.

I very rarely reach 15 subs. Most days between 5-10. I always try to save them for the afternoon/evening for fear I'd get the munchies later in the day and have none left! But then I get to the end of the day and don't feel like eating rubbish.

One thing I'm sure is not helping is that we don't often sit down for dinner until around 8pm. Too busy getting kids fed, homeworked, washed and in bed.

Im also what you might call a 'plain eater'. I like basic foods - bananas apples strawberries and melon is about my limit fruit wise and I do not enjoy veg but I cope with broccoli, cauliflower, carrots, asparagus and spinach. I do however make a lot of SW curries.

thepinkp Mon 18-Mar-19 04:12:29

We tend to eat late to which I also think is a factor! Sunday roast was half a plate of speed..!! I ate it all 😲 walking to school today no car, jogging back. I'm feeling determined this week.

stoneagogo Tue 19-Mar-19 13:17:00

Up 0.5lb this week. 100% on plan so unless the plan doesn't work for me, I'm going to put it down to body healing after exercise.

Otherwise I'll lose the will.

thepinkp Fri 22-Mar-19 15:41:20

I also put 0.5 last Saturday!! I thought I'd done well.. 😐 this week I've done much more speed but have had an awful cold so sucking on throat sweets won't help me. Well.. I shall face the scales regardless this week and hope for the best lol

edgen2019 Fri 22-Mar-19 18:18:31

Stone - have now lost three stone, and now have another ten pounds to go, this has been the hardest to shift although I stick to plan, very frustrating.

31133004Taff Tue 30-Apr-19 20:54:57

Similar experience. 10lbs to lose. 1lb loss this week and knew from the outset no way can I eat carbs as freely as suggested, any of the speed foods. FFS they still have calories and it’s basic maths - calories in, calories out. SW appeals because the app offers a great range of recipes and I need the structure so I eat well. I was eating crap before. ‘‘Twas not good.

Mandapanda9127 Fri 10-May-19 13:03:05

I joined a few years ago managed to loose 3 stone I'm back again trying to loose 12lbs so far I've lost 4 half I lost 6lbs and was so excited thinking I'd get my half stone award yesterday to see id gained 1half sad .. I've done everything's right the only thing I can put it to is weight training? I'm 5ft2 slim curvy build and weigh 9st8 and I go on holiday on the 8th July I just hope I've enough time my goal was 8 half stone but I've been struggling since January so trying to be more realistic now and stick to 9stone goal! X

applesarerroundandshiny Sat 25-May-19 16:55:12

I think that if you only have a small amount to lose you have to adapt slimming world slightly. I think it works well for very over weight people who are eating large amounts of unhealthy food because in that situation you can eat large portions of fat free food (including pasta and potato) and still halve your daily calorie intake.
Not the same if you are eating smaller amounts to start with.

I would suggest trying the slimming world SP and if you don't enjoy many veg just eat larger portions of the ones you do like.

raisinsraisins Thu 30-May-19 20:42:17

I lost a stone on SW, but found the last 2 pounds so hard to lose. I didn’t want to do SP but I did have to adapt the plan. I cut out rice, pasta and potatoes, and sometimes if I really craved some snacks then I’d miss a meal and used my syns instead for some snacks. A couple of weeks of this and I lost the last few pounds. Now to keep them off....

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