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How much did you lose the first week?

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iLoveFoood Wed 09-Jan-19 23:11:59

My first week on SW

I weigh 15st so would expect to lose quite a bit if I'm doing the plan fully. Maybe 5 pounds?

LosingLola Wed 09-Jan-19 23:12:50

I lost 6lbs

ItsAHardKn0ckLife1 Wed 09-Jan-19 23:15:07

I lost 4lb and have roughly 1.5 stone lose. I believe most of what is lost in first week is likely to be water weight?

Groovee Thu 10-Jan-19 00:18:00

I was 15st 7 and lost 3lb, within 6 months I'd lost 3st.

FiveNightsAtMummys Sat 12-Jan-19 19:52:30

I weighed 14st8 and stuck to plan 100% and lost 8lb first week.

GerardNoWay Sat 12-Jan-19 19:54:08

I lost 6lbs my first week. No idea what I way but suspect I'm around the 15st mark.

GerardNoWay Sat 12-Jan-19 19:54:31



London91 Sat 12-Jan-19 19:55:24

I lost 3 and a half pounds on my first week. Started off at 14st and now weigh 10st 12. But my biggest loss in a week was 6 pounds.

Tjzmummabear Wed 16-Jan-19 23:12:46

Post 4lb this week my first yay

Tjzmummabear Wed 16-Jan-19 23:13:08

Lost 4lb

itsboiledeggsagain Thu 17-Jan-19 08:53:10

It Can't always be water weight surely? I am drinking way more water. But eating a lot better

user1494670108 Thu 17-Jan-19 09:16:02

5lb and I only had a stone to lose, I couldn't actually believe it as i have never lost more than 2-3lb in a week before.
To be fair, some of it was probably water as I'd unexpectedly weighed my heaviest that week which is what prompted me to go.

Simonsaysitschristmas Sun 03-Feb-19 23:18:23

I lost 5.5lb in my first week. Biggest loss in a week was 11lb.

HotChocLit Thu 21-Mar-19 13:20:54

3lb smile lost every week since

ThisMustBeMyDream Thu 21-Mar-19 13:25:56

15st8. Started sunday 10th. I lost 6lb in that first week. This week I've lost 1lb so far (sneakly mid week weigh because I can't help myself!). I expect to lose maybe 1 more this week.
I'm doing it online as I have a good grasp of the plan and have high motivation. I've done SW before and loat 5 and 1/2 stone.
I kept it off for years. Then I met a new partner and he introduced me to new bad habits after I got rid of my old ones (emotional eating etc!). So he is doing the plan with me!
Good luck!

Murphypoint Mon 25-Mar-19 07:38:41

I out half a pound on. Feeling deflated.

PregnantSea Mon 25-Mar-19 08:33:39

1lb. Most weeks I only lost a 1lb, 2 if I was lucky. I didn't have much weight to lose though

Meralia Sun 31-Mar-19 19:07:03

Most I lost in week 1 was 8lb, I had 6 stone to lose.

JessieMcJessie Sat 06-Apr-19 11:33:30

Gerard I’m unclear how you can not know what you weigh when you’re following a weight loss plan that involves weekly weigh-ins?

breadzeb Sat 06-Apr-19 11:38:40

I lost 2lbs. I felt absolutely awful considering everyone seems to have huge week one losses. Stuck it out and eventually lost 4 stone. My weight came off slowly though. Some people were losing 3/4/5lbs regularly while I was 1/2lbs with the occasional 3lber.

Don’t be deflated if you don’t lose big week one, it doesn’t mean anyth8ng.

breadzeb Sat 06-Apr-19 11:40:03

I’m unclear how you can not know what you weigh when you’re following a weight loss plan that involves weekly weigh-ins?

Lots of people do this, just ask that their weight is not recorded in the book or the opposite way and blind weigh so they don’t know how much they have lost. Quite common request at the weight scales

JessieMcJessie Sat 06-Apr-19 12:00:36

Thanks for trying to explain bread but I still don’t get it, how do you know the diet is working and don’t you miss out on all the motivational milestone markers? (I do realise that over time your clothes will tell you I suppose). Does the consultant say whether a loss or a gain?

breadzeb Sat 06-Apr-19 12:32:00

People who don't want to know what they weigh still find out what they have lost each week.

People who don't want to find out what they are losing each week usually do it for X amount of weeks then they find out the total loss.

JessieMcJessie Sat 06-Apr-19 13:09:17

Ah OK, I think I get it now, thanks.

edgen2019 Sat 06-Apr-19 17:20:59

Jessie, I try not to weigh myself at home prior to going to my SW class because I have found they don't read the same! Every fourth week at class I ask what my weight is, as I found weight loss/gain was taking over my life! Wish you well on your food plan journey.

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