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Batch cooking freezer sw meals?

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Noisygirls Sat 29-Dec-18 19:16:16

Can anyone help me. I'd like to get ahead for the new year and batch cook as many sw friendly meals as possible, to take to work. I have little time each week day to make lunch, so hoping just grabbing a frozen meal from the freezer on my way out of the door is the way to stay on plan! Any good meal suggestions that are freezable?

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Groovee Sat 29-Dec-18 19:51:49

Bolognese, soups, curry without yoghurt, lentil Dahl, carribean pepperpot stew are my staples to freeze.

Noisygirls Sat 29-Dec-18 20:06:06

can you freeze the pasta with the bolognaise? I've never thought to freeze cooked pasta or rice.

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Groovee Sat 29-Dec-18 20:49:16

I don't freeze the pasta as it takes a short time to cook.

WineNotTea Thu 03-Jan-19 13:51:30

I wouldn't think twice about freezing the cooked pasta with the sauce or say a pasta bake, likewise I'd also freeze chilli and rice or curry/ biriyani. Frozen ready meals contain cooked pasta/ rice.

itsboiledeggsagain Sun 27-Jan-19 17:58:08

Risotto or friend rice

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