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SW app is just pants...

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Banana8080 Thu 27-Dec-18 20:23:50

That really, it’s so clunky compared to other apps and the search option is bloomin awful. Sorry moan over.

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noodlenosefraggle Thu 27-Dec-18 23:12:43

Agree. Things are also hidden in the weirdest places. There are healthy extras in the syn tab that don't appear in the he section. It's a mess!

Groovee Fri 28-Dec-18 09:39:03

Much prefer the mobile website when I am out and about. They keep saying a new app is coming.

Borntobeamum Mon 31-Dec-18 11:16:08

Years ago, Weight Watchers had the ability to scan barcodes for millions of products. Why can't SW?!

Damnpeskykids Mon 31-Dec-18 11:20:45

I gave up on the app a long time ago for this reason it's just shit! And as a PP said the mobile site is much better I have that bookmarked on the home screen on my iPhone so just go straight to that!

Groovee Mon 31-Dec-18 13:51:41

One of the covering consultants said that SW will never have a barcode scanner as there's so much free foods to enjoy.

noodlenosefraggle Mon 31-Dec-18 17:48:00

I've just bookmarked the mobile site on my phone. Thanks for the tip. Don't know why it didn't occur to me to do it! Agree its much better! When I was away, the app hadn't even been updated with any info about the new changes.

nikkylou Fri 04-Jan-19 09:08:12

I only use the app for the food search function.

Barely registered there was anything else on it tbh I'm aware there are some recipes but can't see a search function so it's a useless list.

It doesn't ever seem to have the weekly features like the website either. It just links to the website...

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