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Staying in target with extra "a" choice

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fromtheshires Fri 21-Dec-18 16:46:51

I never bothered with the extra healthy extras myself.

It's the same as the muller light 'scandal'. I never syn them as I never synned them when starting the plan and I had one every now and then and it didn't stall my weight loss.

I think as a target member myself it's easy to get complacent somewhat and not have as many speed foods on the plate and there is also less fat for you to burn so you will lose at a slower rate.

If it comes off, it's going the right way however slowly

Groovee Wed 05-Dec-18 02:00:59

I had surgery last year and my weight loss really slowed down for a while while recovering. It took about 4 months to get my losses going again.

Try a week food optimising instead of target plan and see what happens. Under the new plan coming on Christmas week we'll get an extra A choice anyway.

OwlinaTree Tue 04-Dec-18 22:18:38

I dunno, I always have milk as my hexa but I don't measure it. So I'm probably already having more that a portion especially at the weekend as we only buy while milk. I just have it in tea and coffee.

I would think the surgery and recovery has maybe had an effect on your ability to move around? 6 extra syns is only 120 cals at the most so isn't going to make a massive difference I wouldn't have thought?

florriepeck Tue 04-Dec-18 20:25:35

I am a long-time target member, and prefer to be at the lower end of my target range, to allow for meals out, etc.
Have found that the weight is not staying off as well lately.
Had surgery 7 weeks ago, and I think that reduced exercise, and metabolism going into healing and recovery mode has not helped, but I do wonder about these extra "a" choices: surely it's just 6 extra syns a day?
I have definitely kept to plan,with no cheating.
This week, I had 8 days between weigh-ins, had 5 of those as strict SP days, and lost half a pound!
Saw a new Consultant today(not my usual class), and she said that she is advising target members to continue doing what has worked for them previously.
So no extra milk or cheese for me this week!
Anyone else had similar problems?

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