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Easy snack food

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TowerOfJoy Thu 27-Sep-18 18:07:19

I'm having a few friends round before we go for a night out and wanted to put out a few nibbles (to help soak up the alcohol). One friend mentioned that she would have to stay away from the food to save her syns for alcohol and I'm trying to think of some low syn or syn free ideas I could make or buy.

I was originally thinking of just doing a couple of pizzas, crisps and tortilla with dip, just easy stuff I don't have to fuss with. I don't want to make anything obviously sw just for her, just snacks we could all have but I'm hitting a mental block and all I can think of is a syn free salsa. Any suggestions?

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sleepismysuperpower1 Thu 27-Sep-18 20:34:44

syn free chips here

syn free quiche here

syn free veggie sticks and dips here

crisps low/syn free:
Peel Potatoes, thinly slice into small crisp like pieces, i used a vegetable peeler, they were nearly transparent!

Spray a plate with fry light, then place the potato pieces onto the plate, spreading them out evenly.

Spray them woth fry light so they are all covered, then season if you want to.

They are nice plain, but i also used Salt and Balsamic vinegar.

Microwave for 5 minutes, then leave them for a minute or two when they are done to crisp up.


iamyourequal Thu 27-Sep-18 21:16:10

Melon cubes with ham wrapped around them. Chicken breasts chopped and marinated and cooked on little skewers. Dip made from fat free Greek yoghurt, garlic and herbs. Enjoy your night!

TowerOfJoy Fri 28-Sep-18 16:15:10

Fab thanks for those.
I've never tried the crisps so I'll give them a go, I'll marinate some chicken tonight for skewers and quickly make some vegetables and dip tomorrow

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FoofFighter Mon 01-Oct-18 10:09:07

What a lovely supportive friend you are thanks

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