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What's for Tea?/Dinner?

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someonekillbabyshark Tue 11-Sep-18 17:40:58

We had Pork chops sweet Pot mash and cabbage! Yum yum...... need SW chilli recipe for tomorrow if anyone knows a link xxx

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sleepismysuperpower1 Tue 11-Sep-18 17:48:43

someonekillbabyshark Tue 11-Sep-18 17:52:49

@sleepismysuperpower1 thank you! smile

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sleepismysuperpower1 Tue 11-Sep-18 17:56:19

no problem x

Bimgy85 Tue 11-Sep-18 22:40:50

Cooked chicken, peppers mushrooms carrots broccoli peas and mash with gravy and a small bit of pepper sauce!

Mymadworld Tue 11-Sep-18 23:25:46

Prawn, pea & asparagus risotto - really yum and very easy.

SleepingStandingUp Tue 11-Sep-18 23:29:38

Chips with melted cheese and beans!! Mmmm

Gablexy Tue 11-Sep-18 23:38:29

Made ‘hippy beans’ from the first Leon cookbook. So nice! Aubergines and red peppers in a spicy chipotle tomato sauce with mixed beans. Simmered for 1.5hours.

Bimgy85 Wed 12-Sep-18 08:00:12

Think it'll be the Syn Free garlic and mushroom risotto later tonight. Looks unreal

Overnight oats for brekkie

Groovee Wed 12-Sep-18 13:50:16

Yesterday was Cajun Chicken Pasta.

Today is Paprika Pork.

someonekillbabyshark Wed 12-Sep-18 16:38:49

I made the pinch of nom chilli it was very tasty 😋

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sleepismysuperpower1 Wed 12-Sep-18 17:56:32

these look so good and they are syn free...yum

SleepingStandingUp Wed 12-Sep-18 19:07:54

Spag Bol with spinach

Bimgy85 Wed 12-Sep-18 20:07:47

Homemade veg and chicken curry using chopped tomatoes chicken stock and curry powder. So good!

EmUntitled Thu 20-Sep-18 12:23:59

We are eating a lot from the Ella's Kitchen recipe books. They are designed for babies/kids so lots of veg and not much processed stuff added. Tonight is Zingy Lamb and couscous. Syn free if i dont use raisins.

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