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Very slow at losing. Can someone help.

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Unsure123123 Wed 22-Aug-18 19:31:10

I'm still losing but it's only 1/2 lb a week max. I'm still weighing, counting syns and doing1/3 speed. Drinking plenty and trying to do exercise when I can. I've been going since April and lost 1lb off 2stone but it's taking forever.

I started out at 1-3lbs a week.

I'm on sertraline which I'm sure is slowing me down and peri-menopausal.

Ive changed my food around but nothing seems to be working.

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Daddyto2monsters Wed 22-Aug-18 19:51:36


I have been on sertraline in the past and found on 50mg per day I gained weight but on 150mg per day I had no appetite. Losing weight will always slow down after a while as the body gets used to the diet etc.... I think its the period where you have to stick with it and things will change. I am by no means slim but am not massively overweight either. I run 5k a few times a week and eat what I want but still gain weight. I am thinking of starting a diet to kick start my weight loss so maybe you need to do the opposite and start more structured exercise. I would suggest swimming or the couch to 5k NHS app.

florriepeck Fri 24-Aug-18 16:17:58

A few ideas, OP:
Have more SP meals, if not a full SP day.
Ask Consultant for a food diary or SAS log.
Speak to Consultant about doing a Fast Forward.
Try not to be disheartened: you will get to your target; don't forget to be proud of what you've already achieved.

Heartshapedfairylights Fri 24-Aug-18 16:26:07

Oh, I’m the same OP but unlike you I give up too soon! Well done for carrying on.
Sorry, I haven’t got any advice. You’re not alone!

Blondie1984 Sat 25-Aug-18 04:44:19

What do you tend to eat in a day?

Onedaylikethi5 Thu 30-Aug-18 07:33:27

I just posted a very similar thread. I've lost 4lbs in 4 weeks. I know it's still a loss, but sitting in group and hearing how Doris is so delighted she lost 3lb this week when she ate three pizzas is really getting me down.

I'm on 50mg Sertraline. I am honestly sticking 100% to plan.

Ceilingrose Fri 05-Oct-18 09:38:16

I know you know this, but I'm going to say it anyway.

Half a pound is a packet of butter off your body. In a year that is over 2st. I've dieted a few times over the years, and only kept off any weight I lost once I truly realised that it was a permanent lifestyle change and needed to be done slowly but surely and permanently.

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