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Slimming World - I am BACK!

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SlimmingMumOf1 Wed 22-Aug-18 09:26:56

Not sure if anyone cares but I am going to write on here what happened lol!

I started Slimming World in May 2017 and "finished" it in July 2018, losing a total of 4st 2lb. I wasn't losing any weight for months and months. I was recommended to try WW, so I did. At first, I enjoyed it! Like, really enjoyed it. I loved being able to have cereal in the morning and then a sandwich in the afternoon etc, and lack of carbs which didn't bother me too much!

However, I was racking up my points quite quickly and the "zero" foods was very limited and restricting (I don't fancy eating just chicken and eggs all the time! I like to vary my meat) but other meats are pointed! Apart from turkey. I felt very restricted as well and was always hungry! I wasn't filling up at all no matter what I tried to eat.

Measuring every damn thing was time consuming. I am a mum who works and has so much to do throughout the day, and to have to weigh and measure everything just to make a meal is not what I had time to do! I ended up eyeballing and guessing it!

I just miss the ease of Slimming World! So I am back on it now. Today I have started. I had baked oats (HexB) with a toffee yogurt, choc shot (2) and some MyProtein Fat Free Syrup.

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Groovee Wed 22-Aug-18 15:02:13

Welcome back x

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