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wirralwonderer Fri 01-Jun-18 11:51:03


Aldi do these amazing ones with cod/haddock and cheese in them and ohhh do I miss them - but the syns are probably too crazy to even consider having them before my holiday lol.

Can anyone give me either
a) a verrryyy easy recipe for free/low syn yummy fishcakes
b) a supermarket option that isn't crazy high in syn value!

(no salmon for me -- too fishy!)


iklboo Fri 01-Jun-18 11:59:23

We used to use mashed potato, tin of tuna & sweetcorn and fry in frylight (no breadcrumbs).

THESE are nice from Pinch Of Nom

itsallgravybaby Fri 01-Jun-18 12:27:55

Mashed potato, frozen fish from Iceland/Asda done in the oven, tin of tuna and spring onion and dried dill.

I also breadcrumb them by dipping in egg and then in a blitzed slice of wm bread with salt pepper and garlic powder mixed in - not mandatory but makes them taste like shop bought and they freeze great.

I do a big batch of 25 or so and freeze leftovers smile

Ricekrispie22 Fri 01-Jun-18 15:59:56

I know they're not quite fishcakes, but Morrisons have just started doing fish burgers. The cod and chorizo ones are 1syn each and the salmon and cod ones are 0.5 syns. These recipes are for proper fishcakes and each one is 0.5

LemonSqueezy0 Sat 02-Jun-18 11:54:58

There are two syn fishcakes at morrisons that have that oozy cheese in the middle, they are cod, haddock mixed and absolutely gorgeous. Google a pic, or use your app if you are a member. They are lovely

MilkyCoffeeAndSkinnySyrup Wed 13-Jun-18 14:54:41

Scottish Salmon, Smoked Cod Haddock fillet melt in the middle fishcakes from Morrison's in the chilled section - 2 syns each and oh my god they are delicious! So cheesy and oozy.

Make sure you get the right one though as the other ones are high in syns and covered in breadcrumbs.

MargotLovedTom1 Wed 13-Jun-18 14:56:44

Haha I was just about say what the last two posters said about the Morrisons ones. People on the SW FB page I'm on never stop raving about them, but apparently they're like gold dust.

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