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Near target but lacking notivation

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DontFundHate Wed 28-Mar-18 21:57:47

I'm so near target but just want to give up now. Self sabotage? Maybe a bit arrogant? I went to a party on Sunday intending to use Flexi syns but just ate and ate and ate and didn't keep track, the following few days I've just eaten whatever I wanted, deliberately eating bad foods. Please help me get back on track

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midgebabe Wed 28-Mar-18 22:10:10

Have a deliberate break and then start again. but in the break try to stabilise ...not increase. If you can manage that I suspect you will have a better chance of long term stable weight, which is better than just hitting your target.

So instead of failing you are actively preparing for the next stage.

Groovee Thu 29-Mar-18 05:58:45

I reached target last week and it took forever. Had weeks of unexpected gains and weeks of painfully slow losses. But I got there.

I got some new recipes and tried new syns too.

123whatsmyusername Thu 29-Mar-18 06:44:41

I know exactly how you feel! I can see results when I look in the mirror and am much happier with my appearance now so I keep sabotaging!
The thing that I keep trying to remind myself about is the fact I will save £5 every week when I get to target so I need to speed the process up.
Good luck!

DontFundHate Thu 29-Mar-18 07:31:03

Thanks everyone. Not at group (online member) so wont save any money once I get there, and thinking of moving my target a bit anyway, so even once I get to target I'll still have some lbs to lose sad yes I think I definitely need a break but a sensible one. It's so hard at Easter, lots of friends and family to see confused

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