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Your top tips/success stories

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popkat1 Sun 11-Mar-18 21:25:21

I've done slimming world lots of times I'm an am habitual rejoiner. I've lost weight and I know it works.

However haven't been to a group/had control of what I'm eating since probably around November time. I've weighed myself and I'm shocked and upset by how much I weigh. I'm starting again from home tomorrow.

Anyone got top tips that I may have forgotten or to help me get back on track. Really interested in success stories as well smile

This has got to be it for me I weigh more than I ever have, I feel so crappy about myself and also having serious health problems which are impacted by weight. Is anyone else starting again Tomorrow?

ladybirdsaidneveraword Sun 11-Mar-18 23:27:18

Me!!! I feel very similar. I successfully lost a couple of stone about 2 years ago, then over the last year have gained 3. I partly blame medication for this... but a lot of it is my fault as binge eating chocolate really doesn't help. I now need to get myself under control, and need to stick with it. I can do it.... but the next week or 2 will be so damn tough. I have to keep reminding myself it will be worth it!

OwlinaTree Mon 12-Mar-18 06:53:43

You can do it team! User your hexs and your syns so you don't feel denied. Meal plan before you shop, make sure you have loads of fruit you know you like in the house. Measure out things like mayo, ketchup, salad dressing, don't guess!

I find it easier to buy individually wrapped treats like Freddos, fun sizes etc so you are not having to break a bit of a bigger bar and is less tempting to over eat.

Good luck!

fromtheshires Mon 12-Mar-18 08:42:56

Some quick easy to follow tips below:

Tip one - Go to Group. Do not do it alone - they keep you on track and you have a support network to bounce ideas and problems off. You are also more likely to lose weight if you are accountable to a group.

Tip Two - Dont use ALL your sins every day. I use 2/3 every day and then if I want to have a bit more at the weekend I have lots of unused sysns left. Obviously this only works if your weigh day is not on a Monday.

Tip Three - Make a mixed variety of flavourful foods. Yes, you can live on Muller Lights and salad, but thats boring.

Tip Four - Count the syns in alcohol, drinks, salad dressings etc. This is where people get complacent I have found out from attending group sessions. These are 'hidden' sysns

Tip Five - Weight Loss is a journey. I am lucky enough to be able to lose three pounds every week pretty consistently. On the other hand my mum who also attends the same group loses 1 - 1.5 a week and sometimes puts on. This is normal weight loss.

Tip Six - Fill your fridge with Free and speed foods. Keep a naughy cupboard for the rest of the family you do not venture into.

Tip Seven - Get your family on board. They dont have to follow the plan, however if its chip night, get them to eat slimming world chips

calzone Mon 12-Mar-18 08:46:04

Rethink how you plate food.

Load plate with speed vegetables, then protein leaving less room for carbs.

Drink more water.

popkat1 Mon 12-Mar-18 21:33:40

Thanks all! I have done a healthy shop today so we are full to the brim with veg, fruit and salad etc. Also low syn crisps because crisps are my downfall.
Today has been ok apart from not considering how hungry I get in the afternoon at work so had to do a mercy dash to the supermarket, I did buy melon and not chocolate though.
Will be stalking the slimming world section on here and not just the aibu threads lol

Groovee Tue 13-Mar-18 06:39:12

Plan your meals in advance and try new recipes works for me.

Getting weighed then staying to group really helps me.

I need to use more syns. For some reason when I drop down my syns, I gain! I have no idea why but 10 syns a day and I usually lose! I don't drink alcohol so it possibly helps me more regarding my syn use.

Claireanneh Fri 27-Apr-18 10:23:36

I had a problem to come back to my old self after the pregnancy. I tried some diets and restrictions, and it took me six months to figure out what best works for me. The only three methods that actually gave me the results were counting calories, eating fewer carbs and working out every day. I have realised that I am not the one for the strict regimes and that my body doesn't work that way. I have found out what is my basal daily calorie intake. I stopped eating unhealthy snacks and forced myself to eat clean and to cook (I am even making my own peanut butter), with some cheat days. I also bought everything I need for the gym - from a water bottle to sneakers, tights and comfy womens gym singlets that boosts my self-esteem and make me more comfortable in the gym. I have researched internet workout tutorials and made my own plan.
In conclusion, I do not believe in strict regimes, either with the diet or with the fitness routine. The results, in that case, are short term. It is important to listen to your body and follow it needs and choose the plan that you feel most comfortable with.

fromtheshires Sat 28-Apr-18 22:17:13

Clearly you don't understand SlimmingWorld Claireanneh. It's not a strict regime. Yes there are restrictions on certain things however it's not like Cambridge shakes or Slim Fast.

90% of my Slimingworld food is fresh ingredients and everything made from scratch.

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