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Setting target

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AndWhat Wed 29-Mar-17 22:26:24

How do you know what to set your target too?
When I joined initially I just set a small target which I met, then I added another small target which brings my bmi to under 30. I should achieve that in the next 2 weeks if I keep on track. So where do I go next? There doesn't seem to be any advice to follow about targets

LavenderRains Thu 30-Mar-17 10:35:11

Hi. I started sw in October but only set my target 2 weeks ago. I've lost 4 stone so far so set my target to 5 stone loss. Not sure if I will get there but it's given me something to aim for!
My BMI is still over 30 so I've just gone with a target that is achievable. Not sure what my BMI should be tbh!

ChessieFL Thu 30-Mar-17 11:23:22

Your target is whatever you want it to be (although SW won't let you set a target weight which is too low relative to your height). You can set a final target if you want (your ideal weight) or just keep setting mini targets (lose another stone or whatever) until you get to a weight you are comfortable with.

Northernmum100 Thu 30-Mar-17 18:13:24

I'm not focusing on a specific weight, more how I feel and look. A size 10/ 12 will do me nicely so when I reach that I am told I can fix my target weight there. I can't remember being that size before so no idea what I am going to weigh. Getting close now tho....

Groovee Fri 31-Mar-17 07:31:12

I've been doing mini targets as a goal to get to. But in 2005, I hit a point when I felt happy with my weight and my clothes etc. So added 3lb on for target. Hope to do the same this time.

AndWhat Fri 31-Mar-17 21:18:19

Thanks I thought I had to set an end target now as that is the next space in the book! I should have realised.

pandorawithtreaclecolouredhair Sat 01-Apr-17 15:25:46

My Consultant advises members to set their target at three pounds below the weight at which they feel comfortable and happy: that way, you are satisfied to be anywhere within your target range,even at the higher end.

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