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Anyone got an actifry?

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BasinHaircut Mon 18-Jan-16 16:05:31

I'm toying with the idea of getting one as I really want some nice chips.

SW ones are fine, but do not scratch the itch IYKWIM.

But my question is are they any good at making chips? I'm not even going to kid myself that I'll use it for much else but if it enables me to have delicious chips for 1.5 syns once a week it will be an expensive but worthwhile purchase.

I know that apparently they take ages to cook and that doesn't bother me at all. If they keep me away from the chippy then it's all good!

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StereophonicallyChallenged Mon 18-Jan-16 16:07:35

Chips and roast potato's!

So worth it imo grin

Look for a second hand one though and you'll save ££££ as well as lb's!

BasinHaircut Mon 18-Jan-16 16:23:11

They are going for £70+ second hand and they are only £100 brand new!

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overitalready Mon 18-Jan-16 17:18:17

Oh I've just put my actifry chips on!

They are much nicer than s/w chips for me however they taste nothing like a real chip, not really.

My actifry was free though but defo wouldn't spend the money now I've tasted the chips.

Although I have only ever done chips so maybe if there were lots of other things you would use it for it maybe worth it.

over load of the word chips

BasinHaircut Mon 18-Jan-16 20:30:48

I need to borrow one to test the chips don't I? It's a lot of money if they aren't good enough.

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