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Starting slimming world next week. Advice and tips.

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Shootingstar2289 Thu 31-Dec-15 07:54:06

So I really need to shift some weight after having my second child 6 months ago. Would love to be the size 10-12 I was before having my 4 year old lol.

I am going to start the new Slimming world group which has started up in my village.

I have seen many of my friends in my hometown lose large amounts of weight with SW but the I was never able to go before this new group started.

I have a friend who has lost a whopping 7.5 stone and another who last 5 stone. This inspires me to start.

I am really excited and nervous at the same time. I have about 2.5 - 3 stone to lose.

Any tips? And any 'free foods' people love so I cam prepare myself and go shopping beforehand.

Thanks in advance.

fraggle84 Thu 31-Dec-15 08:16:21

Definitely keep a honest food diary and hand it in to get feedback from your consultant

Join the Fb group syns allowed its super good as listing syns for different brands

Fry light
Fat free yoghurt - muller light, activa 0%
Weight watchers wholemeal Pitta bread
Potatos for jackets
Spicies/stock pots
Stir fry
5% fat mince
Chopped tomatoes

If you haven't got them a set of kitchen scales

RedorBlack Thu 31-Dec-15 08:17:19

I lost 6 stone two years ago by averaging 2 lb a week, & have kept it off easily. I was asked for my top 10 tips by my group so these might help smile

1. Drink drink drink - at least 4 pints per day

2. Don't cheat, you are only cheating yourself

3. A bad meal is just that, a bad meal, don't write off a day, definitely don't write off a week!

4. Don't let yourself get hungry, that's when you reach for the bad stuff, top up through the day on superfree snacks

5. Don't roll your syns over, use them or lose them each day, but storing them up for a big blow out will show on the scales

6. Focus. do you want that cake & wine & Pringles or do you want jeans that fit? Your choice

7. Forgive yourself. Everyone slips up sometimes. Draw the line and move on

8. Write it down. If it goes in your mouth it goes on the tracker.

9. Use speed and superspeed to boost your weight loss.

10. Show off your achievements. Put your award certificates up in your kitchen and look at them when you want something naughty, you might still have it, but you'll want to stay on track

Good luck!

Shootingstar2289 Thu 31-Dec-15 13:25:43

Thank you for your awesome replies. I really am feeling motivated to do this. And I do have kitchen scale alreadysl... Thanks all smile

Shootingstar2289 Thu 31-Dec-15 13:26:01


LaurieFairyCake Thu 31-Dec-15 13:29:42

Batch cook. Always have something you can eat at home.

I cook either chilli, curry, bolognaise every week. Enough for at least 3 nights - that way I only have to come in and shove a large potato in the microwave.

SW takes planning more than any other way of healthy eating. It's very easy to run out of fresh veg. I get my shopping delivered and find it easier to get 2 £40 deliveries a week rather than one large shop.

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