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How do you use your Healthy Extras? Let's share ideas.

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calzone Tue 06-Oct-15 20:40:56

I am not very good at using HEA wisely. I really only use it for skimmed milk. If I have cheese I think I could syn the milk and it might mix it up a bit for me......

HEB I have Grape Nuts, All Bran, Crunchy Bran or a Kingsmill Wholemeal Thin......

Any other ideas?

ThedementedPenguin Tue 06-Oct-15 21:38:42

I use hifi light bars as my HEB and milk as HEA.

maygirl Wed 07-Oct-15 12:42:16

If I've managed on free foods for meals all day I'll have a baked apple HEB with fat free yogurt in the evening. Sometimes have Covent Gdn wild mushroom soup HEB if no time to make my own soup. I also like ryvita HEB with laughing cow triangles HEA with a salad or free soup .

If having spag bol I'll have half a HEA for 15 g parmesan.

emmaluvseeyore Wed 07-Oct-15 15:25:25

I'm quite repetitive with mine. I have Bran Flakes for my HeB and half the semi-skimmed HeA allowance with that at breakfast. I then have a Babybel Original with my lunch (the other half of my HeA allowance).

calzone Sun 11-Oct-15 15:24:08

I had Lidl Raisin Wheats for breakfast. 35g was a HEB.

Don't get loads but with fruit and yoghurt it was quite a good breakfast.

DreamRabbit Sun 11-Oct-15 19:01:09

Overnight oats are yummy - basically your heb oats, a muller or yog of your choice and chopped fruit, covered and refrigerated overnight. It means you save your hea too so you can have it later. Or I like muesli - sugar free alpen light is a b - with grated apple, defrosted mixed berries and either milk or a yoghurt.

The hifi bars are yummy for a b, or two of the alpen lights.

I quite often use 5 or 6 of my daily syns for an 'extra' hex - usually cheese on my spag bol, or similar! 3 babybel lights are good for a lunchbox too.

calzone Sun 11-Oct-15 19:23:30

Great ideas Dream.....

Love overnight oats.

PastaPot Sun 11-Oct-15 21:24:09

I have 30g cheese (a) with 4 ryvita (b) most days as a mid afternoon snack.

If I'm having a hungry day I'll make a big batch of rice pudding with 1 litre of almond milk (a) to snack on and have a peanut hifi bar (b) in the evening

MisForMumNotMaid Sun 11-Oct-15 21:36:33

Overnight oats pancakes.

Soak 35g oats in the yogurt overnight then mix in an egg in the morning. Cook spoonfulls in a hot frying pan. Very like Scotish pancakes. We have them with berries and more yogurt, or sometimes a drizle of honey and chopped banana.

This makes six decent sized pancakes so i have three then have a hifi light at night.

Sometimes i make a layered desert using a muller light yogurt, fruit and a chopped up hifi light bar. Take a large glass dish sprinkle a little chopped choc n orange hifi bar on the bottom, spoon over a heaped spoon of choc n orange yogurt, then layer chopped orange slices, more yogurt, more fruit and finally sprinkle the rest of the hi fi bar.

There's a variation of banoffee using a choc hi fi light bar, toffee muller light yogurt, chopped banana.

Ningnang2000 Sun 11-Oct-15 21:40:46

I'll sometimes use my HEA for feta in my main meals. Or mozzarella for a pasta bake or homemade pizza.

HEB i've found myself eating weetAbix choc chip minis with a cup of tea as a treat.

TooManyButtons Sun 11-Oct-15 21:40:51

I have melon, fat free greek yogurt and my HeB of nutty muesli sprinkled on top for breakfast. I often don't have my HeA apart from a splash of milk in my morning coffee, or some cheese in whatever I'm cooking for tea.

calzone Mon 12-Oct-15 07:35:03

Some great ideas.

If you use your HEA for cheese, do you just syn milk in tea/coffee? What would you count?

MisForMumNotMaid Mon 12-Oct-15 09:35:27

I break the rules and split the HEA into half skimmed milk and half low fat cheese. 20g grated low fat mature cheddar finely grated gives quite a nice sprinkle on a spag bol or over a chilli bean casserole.

tabulahrasa Mon 12-Oct-15 11:28:37

It's completely fine to split your healthy extras.

I'm pretty boring and tend to use them for toast and milk in coffee.

Perfectlypurple Mon 12-Oct-15 11:51:03

I have overnight oats or Weetabix muffins as my hexb. I usually have 3 mini babybels lights for my hexa.

I didn't know a kingsmill thin was a b choice so that is worth thinking about. Makes my breakfast choice a bit harder if I don't use my b for that though. I like fruit and fat free yoghurt but it doesn't sit right and can make me feel a bit sick about an hour later.

maygirl Wed 14-Oct-15 21:52:08

Forgot, about Grape-nuts cereal, you can have 35g as HEB and its nice as a breakfast cereal or to add crunch in a layered dessert of either fat free yogurt/quark/fromage frais with fruit and sweetener.
I got the Kingsmill Thins but found them too small!!
Have used Bfree foods multigrain wraps too. 1 is a HEB, I only like them if I can warm them up though, otherwise they are weird and papery

MeltedMoments Thu 15-Oct-15 23:32:26

Overnight oats for my hexb (or usually 2 hifi bars on a Sunday if we've had a cooked breakfast).
Milk in tea for my hexa almost every day. I sometimes split it and have half as cheese if we've got spag Bol or something.

cheapskatemum Sun 25-Oct-15 21:06:38

I split my HEA into 150ml 1% fat lactose free milk, then half the amount of goats cheese, feta or haloumi. My HEB is usually 35g porridge oats, sometimes a slice of rye bread. I have wheat & dairy sensitivities.

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