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Do you Muesli as your HeB? Can you help answer these questions?

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ChipperNipper Thu 01-Oct-15 22:19:20

I need some variety so am thinking of having Muesli for breakfast.

What one do you eat?
What do you eat for lunch if you have already eaten your HeB?

SqueakyCyclops Fri 02-Oct-15 06:55:33

I have the Dorset cereals simply nutty. It's lovely. For lunch I tend to have pasta or rice salad, omelette, soup or leftovers. Nothing unusual or exciting I'm afraid but I always use my b for breakfast as I love cereal and muesli

Ledkr Fri 02-Oct-15 07:19:32

I do too.
Can't imagine breakfast without either cereal of a slice of toast with my egg!

I have a jacket spud for lunch.

emmaluvseeyore Fri 02-Oct-15 10:34:20

I have bran flakes for my breakfast with some fruit on top (not muesli I know). I normally have leftovers from dinner for my lunch - often a pasta or rice dish. On weekends we have omelette because we can cook at home.

GravityLucy Fri 02-Oct-15 12:33:00

I have Mornflake granola on top of fruit & yogurt. Lovely and crunchy. It's the raisin, Apple & coconut one. Special K granola with cranberries, pumpkin seeds & almonds is also a b choice.

Lunches I have eggs a lot, or leftovers, cous cous or pasta, or homemade soup.

Iamaslummymummy Sat 03-Oct-15 06:43:22

I've been experimenting with breakfast to save my heb for a hi-fi salted caramel bar! So far I've had rice pudding, quinoa porridge and buckwheat porridge. All free plus whatever milk. I have been using skimmed d but am going to pick up almond today as it is v v low syn.

Iamaslummymummy Sat 03-Oct-15 06:45:09

I've had Dorset simply fruityr from the 99p shop. So tasty with yoghurt and two pieces of fruit chopped up

ProcrastinatorGeneral Sun 04-Oct-15 23:12:57

Is there a muesli out there that doesn't have dried fruit in it? We love cereal in the procrastinating household, but none of us are overly fond of dried fruit so we've always avoided muesli.

calzone Sun 04-Oct-15 23:17:07

I have All Bran, Grape Nuts orCrunchy Bran with fruit and yoghurt for breakfast. Takes ages to eat.

Also love overnight oats.

Lunches are often eggs, soup, leftovers. Got pulled pork and salad tomorrow.

Not sure about muesli as I don't think you would get much for your allowance.

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