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How easy is slimming world if you have a family and are on a budget ?

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StormyLovesOdd Thu 16-Jul-15 11:26:18

Husband will eat pretty much anything but our DD (aged 7) can be a bit fussy though she does like most vegetables she is not keen on fish or anything too spicy. I cook from scratch most of the time and we eat a lot of meat, pasta and rice, spaghetti bolognaise, chilli, etc. I work and we’re on a tight budget so I don’t want to have to cook two different kinds of meals and can’t afford to spend a fortune on ingrediants.

I’ve never done slimming world, please can someone just give me a quick run down on how easy it fits in with family meals.

I remember my friend doing SW years ago, she had red and green days and could only eat meat on red days is that still the same?

StormyLovesOdd Thu 16-Jul-15 11:28:33

Just to add I am very obese and have at least 5 stone to loose. I need to do something as I am getting a lot of pain from my ankles through carrying all this extra weight.

Has anyone had any help from their GP paying for SW?

WorktoLive Thu 16-Jul-15 15:26:35

Some good ideas here.

SW is now Extra Easy, which is a combination of the red and green days, you just eat all the standard free food (meat, pasta, potatoes, fruit veg pulses eggs etc).

You will be fine on the meals you mention - just add extra veg and use lean meat. SW is just normal healthy cooking without any fat. I use normal oil in a spray bottle instead of frylight and don't buy any special branded diet yogurts etc.

You might struggle if you start buying expensive fruit by the tonne from Waitrose, but if you can shop at cheaper supermarkets and stick to cheaper varieties, you will be fine - good luck!

emmaluvseeyore Fri 17-Jul-15 09:42:22

SW is really easy to do with family meals. I pretty much eat the same stuff as I did before, but have adjusted recipes to fit in with SW.

I have a BMI of 44, so have lots to lose too. My GP said she can refer me to SW but they will only pay for the classes, not online membership (which is what I wanted). It may vary depending on your NHS Trust though. I suggest you go and speak to them. My GP is very supportive, especially as I have mental health issues related to my body image, as well as other non-weight related medical issues going on right now!

PhoebeMcPeePee Fri 17-Jul-15 16:52:01

I cook the same for me & family (& childminding children some of whom are quite fussy) and I don't think any have noticed the difference! Some family meals I do include:

Spag Bol/chilli con carne/meatball pasta (spray oil, 5% fat meat & extra veg) no cheese on top of yours!
Minestrone soup - bacon medallions instead of pancetta and I take my portion out before I add the Parmesan
Veg soups - again dish out my portion before adding any butter or cream
Curries - I use fat free yogurt or small amount of low fat coconut milk
Paella ( no change except spray oil instead of glugs of olive oil!)
Chicken drumsticks & veg rice - remove the skin from your chicken
Burgers & chips - SW chips (they're everyone's favourite now!) & I either make the burgers with 5% fat mince or use the new SW from Iceland burger for me. I have a normal bun if I've got enough syns & serve with corn on the cob otherwise serve with beans & peas.
Fish parcels (veg, bit of wine or soy, lemon etc), jacket potato & veg - juice from fish over my potato instead of butter
'Fry-up' - I grilled most of it or just use a separate pan for mine using spray oil, cut fat off the bacon & use low fat or veggie sausages.
Pizzas - homemade base & I just do a smaller one for me, use light mozzarella and free toppings then serve with a side salad.
frittatas - oven baked in a greaseproof lined dish so no oil needed

I often add a side salad or extra veg to my plate to stop me filling with so much of the main meal but otherwise,you wouldn't know from looking at my plate that there it's SW friendly or with a few tweaks.
3st 5 lbs off to go so it definitely works grin I stopped in January but have maintained for the past 6 months as I now naturally follow the plan without rigidly sticking to it so I'm happy I can keep it off now.

Buttwing Sat 18-Jul-15 22:11:59

I have four dc and try to make one meal for everyone, I'm also planning to lose 5 stone so far I've lost 3.
Some of the things we eat are
Spaghetti bolognese
Pasta with prawns
Shepherd pie
Roast dinners
Steak and chips
Sausage and mash
Stir frys

In fact there are very few meals that you can't make slimming world style. I've really found the kids are eating better too and dp loves the food.

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