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newbie - some questions

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FCEK Sun 16-Feb-14 21:17:05

I'm switching from WW to SW, but I have some questions.

Is it doable if you are a sh*t cook, as in can't be bothered making things from scratch/tendency to burn things etc

scrambled eggs using milk/salt - HE, Free or what?

Do I really need to eat super free foods at EVERY meal?

FCEK Sun 16-Feb-14 21:50:41

oh and the oatsosimple pots, are they HEb? I like the cinnamon ones

chunkAdunk Wed 19-Feb-14 01:05:53

Hey. The scrambled egg is broken down. So eggs are free but milk is classed in your HEA.
Yes they say to eat superfree with every meal, I just chuck loads of veg in or salad on the side. and im not sure on the oatssosimple thing. Sorry

woodwaj Thu 20-Feb-14 21:14:00

Hiya. Ive been doing it 3 weeks and hardly ever have super free foods. I just dont like them!! It's working ok for me ive lost 8lb in 3 weeks

NachoAddict Thu 20-Feb-14 21:17:14

cinnamon Porridge not a healthy B sorry, I only know because it's my favourite flavour. Just plain porridge for a healthy B.

If you are having a meal that you wouldn't usually have veg or salad in, try front loading. Eat a bowl of melon or an orange or apple slices etc before you eat your meal.

We have a thread weight loss chat if you want to head over, lots of friendly slimmers.

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