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Doing SW. Having a chinese take away. Help!

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BethAndHerBrood Fri 17-May-13 14:35:56

I really don't want to sabotage all my effort so far, but we're having a take away saturday night.

What's the lowest syn, most sensible thing i should order? I have no idea!

PearlyGrey Fri 17-May-13 17:51:11

Haven't done SW myself (so don't know how it works really) but a friend has and think she used to order Chicken Chow Mein so maybe that? (Sorry not to be more helpful!).

CaptainSweatPants Sun 19-May-13 21:58:10

Boiled rice

SgtTJCalhoun Sun 19-May-13 22:01:32

I'd get a protein heavy dish, stir fried chicken and veg or beansprouts maybe and a very small amount of plain boiled rice. Chow mein heavy on empty carbs.

FrickingFedUp Fri 31-May-13 23:20:24

Look in your book. Lots of takeaway dishes in there.

pinkandsparklytoo Fri 31-May-13 23:23:37

I do SW and I had Chinese tonight too. I went for chicken in oyster sauce, 4.5 syns for about 350g

BlueGoddess Mon 03-Jun-13 07:37:16

Chicken or beef with black bean sauce - I can't remember if it's 4 or 5 syns but it is in your book x

BlueGoddess Mon 03-Jun-13 07:37:41

Sorry - with boiled rice that is!

BethAndHerBrood Mon 03-Jun-13 12:36:14

Thanks for these. We didn't have one, as dh didn't come home, but will bear them in mind for next time.

EggsMichelle Mon 03-Jun-13 20:07:33

I usually go for chow mein and consider it a fail day, but pleased to know black bean is a reasonable amount of syns

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