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Waking to play

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ess Sun 24-Jul-05 23:21:58

My dd is 6mo and has never slpet right through the night. She always woke at 5ish but has recently started waking at 3am!She isnt hungry or even crying but very awake and wanting to play. Ive found the only way to settle her is to bring her into bed and she falls back asleep.Ive tried leaving her but she gets very loud or falls asleep and wakes every half hour til her feed at7. Any ides please-I need at least one full nights sleep!

JiminyCricket Mon 25-Jul-05 03:22:14

Hmm, sympathy. Have you got any 'sleep cues' for her? our dd always has a soothing music cd playing when she goes to sleep (and which will also settle her if she wakes in dire circumstances) but mostly I swear by our Tomy light and sound box - it plays soothing sounds and interesting lights, gradually fading out after about ten minutes. If your dd is just wakeful this might entertain her and get her used to the idea that this is sleep time and nothjing more interesting is going to happen. sure others will have ideas too, hth.

ess Mon 25-Jul-05 20:55:22

Jiminycricket- we have the lights and music box but our dd has silent reflux and the only way she will sleep is on her tummy. When she wakes she cant turn over and see anything so its a bit of a problem. Sure it will resolve itself. Quite getting used to only a few hours sleep in a row!

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