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My plan for Sleep training ... pls hear me out !

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lovinit Sun 24-Jul-05 13:21:15

DD2 is 4 weeks old. I am determined to help her to learn to settle herself for naps, I really cannot let her fall asleep after feeding only or be rocked to sleep anymore as I know it will be harder work to fix later.

So, I am going to do the Tracy Hogg patt and shhhing method for settling the baby .

Are there any tips out there for this method and details of how you all acheived it and how long it took ????

Any advice pls ???

Eaney Sun 24-Jul-05 13:38:19

She has her own website - google The Baby Whisperer. There is a chatroom there to share experiences. I have tried it with some success. It works if she is not hungry but forget it if she wants to feed.

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