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vivid dreaming.........

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strugstu Sun 19-Jun-05 14:51:28

i have been experiencing very vivid dreams of late, they have lots of detail, conversation, activities going on involving people i know or care much so that when i wake in the morning, i'm absolutely exhausted for the rest of the day.. has anyone else experienced this and if so how did u deal with it...or has anyone any tips?

Pruni Sun 19-Jun-05 15:22:48

Message withdrawn

strugstu Sun 19-Jun-05 15:25:34

i am stressed at the minute so i put it down to that, but how do u deal with it pruni... i'm knackered its every night!!!

gloworm Sun 19-Jun-05 15:30:51

if you are inerested in trying a herbal remedy bioforce valerian-hops might help. it helps with most sleep problems, it helps you get the right balance of dream sleep and deep sleep. its also good for stress as well.

Pruni Sun 19-Jun-05 15:32:05

Message withdrawn

mysterygirl Sun 19-Jun-05 15:33:19

Pruni - sounds a perfectly normal dream to me

strugstu Sun 19-Jun-05 15:38:43

gloworm - thanks will hot foot down to health shop monday- am prepared to try anything.


dreamt i was in shopping center with dp and women kept stopping him to tell him how fantastic he looked in his new t-shirt and i was wearing nothing more than a towel

Pruni Sun 19-Jun-05 15:40:06

Message withdrawn

strugstu Sun 19-Jun-05 15:45:05

do you think i'm vulnerable and needy perhaps with jealousy issues?

(i swear i'm not the jealous type at all!)

Pruni Sun 19-Jun-05 15:53:33

Message withdrawn

strugstu Sun 19-Jun-05 16:03:33

pruni - you are gooooooooood!

thats quite a fair assessment- am currently overweight and feel unattractive....he doesnt find my weight an issue at all, but we dont live together so i suppose i feel insecure... (he is a bit danny devito looking !!!! )

Miaou Sun 19-Jun-05 16:10:52

I'm just fascinated by dreams and what they mean - mind you dh told me about something he dreamt the other night, and by the time he had finished the tears of laughter were pouring down my cheeks! He never usually remembers his dreams either! He dreamt that a donkey had got into our garden and he couldn't get it out - but it was Donkey - y'know, the one from Shrek!!! Absolutely hilarious.

Strugstu, perhaps linked with the "naked except for a bathtowel" dream - I frequently dream that I need the loo, but the only loo I can find is either overflowing, dirty and wet, or in the middle of a large room (no privacy). Have had this dream over a number of years, don't know what it's about, although I suppose it's to do with insecurity.

tallulah Sun 19-Jun-05 17:53:30

Miaow I have that dream too!!!

The toilets I have found have all been in some peculiar places. One was in my old primary school alongside the fence facing the main road & with no door. One was on a desk in a classroom with windows all the way round. Some have been canvas.. If you find out what it means, please let me know!

strugstu Sun 19-Jun-05 18:10:02


To see a toilet in your dream, symbolizes a release of emotions or getting rid of something in your life that is useless.

To see a clogged toilet in your dream, signifies that you are holding in and keeping your feelings to yourself. Your emotions have been pent up too long.

To see an overflowing toilet in your dream, denotes your desires to fully express your emotions.

looked this up on dream dictionary i will try andf do a link

strugstu Sun 19-Jun-05 18:12:58

all ur dreams analysed here click on then go to dream directory

HappyHuggy Sun 19-Jun-05 18:15:58

I'd love to know what some of my dreams mean, i quite often dream that my teeth are falling out and im rushing round trying to find a dentist - its horrible!!!!

I also dream alot about having to call the police or an ambulance but they dont answer the phone it just rings and rings.

the last dream i remember having was odd. We were at a train station but all the tracks had been converted into swimming areas and the platformed were themed in cbeebies - we were at the balamory one. It was someones birthday party and suddenly there was a power surge and everyone in the pool got electricuted and i couldnt find ds1. I was running round looking for him and i found him crouched near the edge of the water watching the lifeguard trying to revive someone.

It really freaked me out!!! I have these sorts of dreams loads!


Miaou Sun 19-Jun-05 18:38:46

oooooh strugstu - that explains a lot ! That describes me to a "t". What about you, tallulah?

Miaou Sun 19-Jun-05 18:48:18

HappyHuggy - teeth falling out - often a sense of loss, such as death of family member or loved one.

telephone - feeling someone is out of contact with you, not aware of your feelings; having a feeling of being alone in teh world, or nobody being there for you. Emergency call - probably a crisis in your relationship or life; reaching out for help.

From my dream book which I keep hidden from dh because he severely disapproves of dream analysis

Miaou Sun 19-Jun-05 18:58:47

Railway station - moving toward something new, changing scenes - ie from family to work environment; leaving something behind - a relationship, one's youth; one's ability to change; effort to get somewhere in life or experience something new; parting or meeting, saying farewell or waiting for someone; changes in a relathionship or work.

Swimming pool - The way we share experience with other people or are involved with other people. It therefore often refers to relationships with others, especially the aspect of relathipnship where feelings or influence permeates us from others. The swimming pool may also represent the magical inner world of our mind, fantasy, and imagination, especially in relationship with other people.

Does that shed any light?

HappyHuggy Sun 19-Jun-05 19:24:11

Thanks for that - alot of that makes sense at the moment. Thats strange!

am going to cut and paste it for my other thread

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