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6 mo DS now up every couple of hours!

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mrsflux Wed 28-Oct-09 10:26:34

i am losing my mind!

DS has, from about 6 weeks, been a great sleeper. till now!
he goes down at 7-7.30 ish without any fuss and used to sleep till about 3-5am ish when he'd wake for a feed and then go back down till 7-8ish. (oh he's FF BTW)

anyhow about a week ago he started waking up every couple of hours from about 10.30 ALL NIGHT!!!!

he's not always hungry - still only really hungry at the same times as before. he won't settle himself and seems to want to play.

PLEASE give me some advice.

the HV advised controlled crying and dropping the night feed when i asked her yesterday but at 5.30 and he was wailing he downed a 6oz bottle in 5 minutes!

i really don't know what to do but at times feel like i've got a newborn again! i'm also starting to get some of the baby blues/ PND feelings back as i'm so tired!

iloveholidays Wed 28-Oct-09 20:15:14

Firstly - you've got my sympathies, I have recently gone through a similar thing, although hoping I've come out the other side, so I really feel for you.

My DD stop sleeping through about 2 weeks ago (she is 7 months next week) and was waking every 2-3 hours. I'm breastfeeding and just fed her back to sleep each time. I started feeling really down over the weekend which I believe is due to overtiredness. I decided last night that I wouldn't feed immediately, so decided that I would give her 15 minutes when she wakes unless she got distressed, as she tends to get more worked up when I go (assume as she can smell the milk on me). I was extremely lucky that she woke at midnight, cried/winged for 10 minutes and then slept until 7:20 which is unheard of.

Do you go straight in to see him? Have you tried leaving him for 5-10 minutes to see if he resettles?

There is also a growth spurt at 6 months so you might find its that. How long as he been waking for?

Hope things get easier - I know how hard it is. Keep smiling - he'll get there in the end.

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