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Wind waking 6 month old

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jollygreenmama Mon 19-Oct-09 01:38:55

Every night this week babe has woken around midnight having had a poo. Tonight we're still awake with wind (it could be teething too so have given her some powders). We've started weaning and I wonder if new foods going thru the system and being passed is the cause? She had root veg for tea and some apple n pear, nothing too 'windy' there is there? Should i feed her solids earlier in the day? Any advise v welcome as she's not a happybunny :-(

Worrier28 Wed 21-Oct-09 14:43:53

Bump, my baby has always been very windy, however been weaned from 4months. Recently stopped his bottle strike, wakes up, takes two oz, screams for his dummy and then repeat until 4am in the morning. It is impossible to wind him while he is awake, let alone asleep.

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