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Tired 4 year old

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whethergirl Thu 01-Oct-09 20:32:30

Does anyone have the same problem or have any advice?

My ds aged 4 has just started school but is only on half days (until Feb). Even so, it knackers him out. First thing in the morning, he will cry about how tired he is and afternoons he's grumpy with no energy. However, when I get him into bed early (7pm), although sometimes he'll go to sleep fairly quickly (so it's not as if he CAN'T do it), or like tonight, eventually go to sleep at 8.30pm. In the morning, he'll either wake up earlier than he needs to and moan about being tired, or lie in and still be tired.

Basically, his sleeping is inconsistent and this lack of routine is really knackering him out, but can't think what to do about it!

nancy75 Thu 01-Oct-09 22:39:25

could you get him to have an afternoon nap?
my dd (4) is a nightmare on a friday after a busy week at pre school, she only does 1/2 day friday and i try to get her to have an hour nap after lunch, quite suprisingly she still goes to bed ok even with a sleep.

whethergirl Fri 02-Oct-09 23:34:23

Unfortunately not nancy75, even if he only naps for 15 mins he will not fall asleep in the evening until really late!! Thanks anyway.

whethergirl Mon 05-Oct-09 22:51:06

Does anyone have the same problem?

franch Sun 11-Oct-09 10:19:16

I have similar trouble with DD2 (just 4, and on full days). Her sleep has always been all over the place (settles late and is often up stupidly early) but now for the first time she's really suffering for it - even though on some nights she's getting a lot more than she used to.

I don't have an answer but thought I'd bump this for you!

Bumblingbovine Sun 11-Oct-09 10:39:14

My 4.9 year old had had the following sleep/wake times in the last week (I have written them down in an attempt to get an idea of the pattern (there is none I can see) - How sad is that?

Mon night asleep 7.20pm - awake 6.10am
Tues night asleep 8pm - awake 4.30am!! followed by 1.5 hrs of trying to get back to sleep at my insistence without success then up at 6am)
Weds night asleep 8.35pm - awake 5.20am
Thurs night asleep 7.05pm - awake 7.40am
Fri night asleep 8.15pm - awake 6.05am
Sat night asleep 7.55pm - awake 6.20am

He has said he is tired every morning (yet couldn't get back to sleep) this week except on Fri morning when he woke late and he seemed to get up full of energy

He is in bed between 7-7.15pm every night!. It is the sheer inconsistency of his sleep patterns I can't really cope with

I wish I had an answer but I do sympathise

nellie12 Sun 11-Oct-09 10:50:26

mine had exactly the same problems on half days at nursery. He is now 4.2 and on full days at school (no choice round here) and his routine is much better. He goes straight to sleep at 7.30pm and stays that way till about 7am.

I was really worried how he would cope but it has turned out better than imagined. Having sad that I was so worried at one point that he went to see paed over his tiredness and was found to have low ferritin so was prescribed iron and that really has made the difference. It may be worth considering as your ds does sound similar to mine pre iron.

franch Sun 11-Oct-09 21:47:55

Bumbling - are you sure that's not my DD you're talking about??? Pretty much identical sleep 'pattern'

mamaloco Mon 12-Oct-09 08:58:27

Does he go out enough? I mean in the park running climbing.... after pre-school. Sports and fresh air are a good way to regulate sleep. Even tired it is more difficult to go to sleep after a day indoors, I can see that with my daughter 4.9, after a v. rainy day where we are stuck inside.

franch Mon 12-Oct-09 09:32:29

Physical exercise makes no difference to my DD2, sadly

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