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Re: Routine and sleep for 11 week old

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pop1973 Wed 09-Sep-09 20:41:15

Help !!

For my first child I had a great routine for the baby - morning nap, lunchtime nap, afternoon nap and in bed.

My second child is a bit harder work. Firstly I am managing to breastfeed - had problems with the first child so had to stop early on.

Secondly - I am finding the school run hard to do with a 11 week old. I have to get the baby out in the car to the school. Baby will nod off in the pram or sling at school - might have a quick catnap for 15 mins. if lucky. Today I then kept her awake for a bit and she had a feed about 10.30am and went to sleep just after 11ish. She then slept and slept - I went into her at 2.30pm to wake her as we had to get ready to go to school for pickup.

I am also finding it hard to then juggle the bedtimes for the children. She grizzles and cries for bed herself between 5-6pm. How does everyone else juggle putting the baby down and sorting out the older child ?? She can take up to an hour to feed, change nappy and re-feed and put to bed. The other child is then waiting for bed ??? What do other mums do ?? Advice appreciated

ChocOrange05 Wed 09-Sep-09 22:37:28

Sorry, I've no idea, I am just managing to cope with 1!!

I hear Miss Ford has just bought out a new Contented Book for having a baby and a toddler if you are interested.

Good luck!

NellyTheElephant Sat 12-Sep-09 20:47:42

I feel your pain..... I did have DS in a great routine, but since the school run started (DD1 just started reception and DD2 at nursery - two different places, two different times for drop off and pick up), it has all gone bottom up and we are a mess. I am sort of hoping that after a couple of weeks it will all fall into place and we'll work it out (fingers crossed). I have the same problem, he'll have a 10 / 15 min nap in the car / buggy / sling then won't then go down for a proper nap when we get home (but will unfailingly wake up as soon as I get in the door even if I try to leave him to sleep it out in the buggy) so then gets tired and grumpy.... just in time for DD2's 12pm pick up when after another short nap in the buggy he won't go down for his afternoon nap so gets even MORE grouchy.

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