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3 yr old

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mummynumnum Sat 05-Sep-09 07:32:34

This is all my fault. DD slept relatively well, but both had summer holidays off and got bit relaxed about going in to sleep with her if she woke. Now back at work and she is waking regularly for this mid night cuddle. Started cc and just returning her to bed two nights ago. Screamed (really badly) for 2 hours other night, last night about an hour. Is this the best approach?

Twinsmommy Sat 05-Sep-09 10:32:49

Oh dear - I feel for you. I have 3 year old twin twin boys that got frightened by fireworks last year. Before then, they slept very, very well but I was suddenly sleeping on the floor in their room while they dropped off for a couple of months.

Leaving them to scream and cry just never worked for me. But also, didn't want to encourage them getting into my bed, hence my sleeping on their bedroom floor with them in their beds.

I eased out of the room eventually by staying upstairs and walking around quite heavily so they knew I was still close but with very little talking except to tell them to settle down and close their eyes.

Hope you get some proper sleep soon.

mummynumnum Tue 08-Sep-09 22:50:37

Screaming ab dabs tonight over suddenly wanting hall light on. First bad night in a few.

lilacpink Tue 08-Sep-09 22:57:08

CC has always worked for us (DD 3.5), I would always used 'phased' process though - i.e. go in properly once for every new awake period, but then less and less over increasing period of time (and eventually just call out 'time to sleep'). DD only has probs after she's been ill - I would stay in room if she had fever but I leave first 'normal' night. I think it's helped that I often say to DD that when I'm leaving her I'm in the house, doing some cleaning/tidying (i.e. things she finds boring), or going to bed myself.

mummynumnum Tue 08-Sep-09 23:02:11

we slugged it out for two nights, then we have had five good nights and then really kicked off tonight. I want to turn light on. Dh
refuses to give in to such behaviour. Trying to avoid arg with him, as that will make her worse.

lilacpink Wed 09-Sep-09 21:44:49

Hope things got better last night. I think whatever way you try to improve this, consistency is vital. If you've started cc with the light off, stick to it (else your DD will think 'if I cry enough the light will go back on...'). Would it be easier for just one of you to be carrying out cc? I have to send DH downstairs or he'd have DD up when she cries, while she knows I won't so settles more easily for me.

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