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Moving a 2 1/2 year old into his first bed....

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GoldenSnitch Thu 27-Aug-09 12:25:14

We need to move DS out of his cotbed so that it can be put away and be forgotten about before new baby arrives and needs to use it. We want to put it back up in her nursery for December but she won't sleep in it till next summer.

Plus, DS is tall and is beginning to look like he could do with the extra space.

To make the transition easier (he's moving to a new room too), we're making a big deal of the whole thing and he's going to have new bedding and accessories to go with his new big boy bed. I really want him to love his new space.

And I want him to be comfy.

DH and I currently have the most comfortable bed I have ever's a Silentnight Miracoil mattress with a memory foam top and we have fluffy, feather pillows to go on it...

My question is - can DS have the same?

I know memory foam mattresses can be warmer than normal matresses but surely as long as the bedding is appropriate to the temp of the room that shouldn't matter?

Does his little body need a foam top or would he be just as comfy on a normal mattress?

And can toddlers have feather pillows?

Am I going OTT?

GoldenSnitch Thu 27-Aug-09 12:25:56

Be gentle please - I'm a little hormonal!

GoldenSnitch Thu 27-Aug-09 13:15:00


GoldenSnitch Thu 27-Aug-09 17:37:40

No-one at all? hmm

jeee Thu 27-Aug-09 17:40:35

The only thing is, even with waterproof covers you may well find that the mattress gets wee, vomit, etc, on it, and a really expensive one will still reek just as badly as a cheapo one. I'd go cheaper until he's dry at night.

Seona1973 Thu 27-Aug-09 19:36:18

we got a comfort mattress for ds - this one. We use a waterproof protector on it.

notyummy Thu 27-Aug-09 19:45:45

He certainly doesn't need a memory foam top - its all about wgat you want for him, and whether you have the money to spend, keeping in mind that it may get (semi) ruined. If that is an acceptable risk for you, then I don't think the temperature thing is a mjor problem at his age.

I think they can have feather pillows - just be allergy conscious.

GoldenSnitch Thu 27-Aug-09 20:25:02

The comfort mattress is mediuim/firm feel - is that right?

How can it be so hard to find a low-ish wooden bed frame with drawers underneath!!?!!

Seona1973 Thu 27-Aug-09 22:01:07

this is the one we got for ds.

GoldenSnitch Fri 28-Aug-09 07:48:40

That looks perfect! Thank you so much Seona!

All of the low sleepers I've seen so far have said they're for 6 years plus

girlsyearapart Fri 28-Aug-09 08:04:00

The mattress we have from Mothercare is made of something called Amicor (i think) and has a kind of waterproof mesh on the top but it's for a cotbed so you'd have to investigate whether yu get them for beds.

GoldenSnitch Fri 28-Aug-09 08:25:01

I bought DS a pillow from Mothercare once and as soon as I put it in his bed, he started getting bitten by something - woke up covered in little bites. When I took it away, they stopped. Put it back - bites again!

I washed it but it always grossed me out after that so I binned it.

All Mothercare did was told me they would investigate the pillows!!! shock

Not sure I would risk a whole mattress!

SparkyToo Sat 29-Aug-09 20:20:23

This fully fitted waterproof mattress protector doesn't let any wee, vomit etc etc through it - they've been great for our boys. If you've found an extremely comfortable bed then I'd go with it. Afterall, children are really lightweight, I can't see your little one sinking very deeply into a memory foam mattress. My folks put memory foam mattress toppers on top of the European mattresses they bought for the bunk beds in their holiday home and my 6 year old commented on how comfy they were. My 4 year old slept on them too without overheating.

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