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Sitting up in cot

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lupinjess Thu 26-May-05 11:21:39

Since my 8 month old dd learnt how to get herself back up into a sitting position her daytime naps have become a nightmare.

as soon as i lay her in her cot she is up. she then cries and eventually screams. she doesn't seem to show any inclination towards lying back down.

for the last few days i have had to stay with her and keep putting her back down every time she gets up.

really frustrated as we had got her daytime naps sorted (or so i thought)

any ideas?

compo Thu 26-May-05 11:23:31

my ds did this too. In the end I decided to just leave him, and stopped going in to lie him back down. Eventually he got the idea. Just remember it's just a stage

lupinjess Thu 26-May-05 11:38:25

did you leave him even if he was getting really upset?

at bedtime she sometimes cries for a minute or so and we leave her to settle (which she does). during these daytime naps she gets really savage and i'm not sure how long she would keep it up for if i just left her.

Flum Thu 26-May-05 11:39:20

yeah mine did this. just put in cot and leave. praps leave a few little toys too to keep em busy until sleep hits.

will probably yell for a few days then get used to the fact that it doesn't seem to produce a result and give up and go to sleep

lupinjess Thu 26-May-05 11:48:48

thanks. i'll try and leave her tomorrow and see what happens. i have a feeling that she'll just sit there and scream until she passes out, but i don't want her to get into the habit of having me in there until she falls asleep.

loulabelle222 Fri 27-May-05 11:26:57

wait till she learns to crawl and walk then it is a nightmare to get them to sit down or even worse lay down!

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