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Shall i put my 8 week old in2 a bedtime routine

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gembobs Wed 22-Jul-09 00:03:04

At the moment we ave been keeping him downstairs with us till we go bed so as not wake our 22 month old DD up, i find it easier 2 feed him on the sofa and i suppose that is the routine we ave just fallen in2 but now i am wondering if maybe he should b in a bedtime routine like his big sister as i am finding he sleeps during the day but stays awake during the evening so he obvously thinks night is day. Any suggestions please.

Also i am finding he likes 2 b rocked 2 sleep sometimes n since i had probs with my 1st born invoolving this (he never wanted 2 b put down afterwards) i feel this baby is doing the same.

Also i am finding he doesn't want 2 settle 4 his dad only me.

ches Wed 22-Jul-09 02:50:37

He's only tiny still and it's very common for newborns to cluster feed in the evenings. Also the activity downstairs could be keeping him up so you could try putting him into his bed perhaps after your DD's bedtime.

gembobs Wed 22-Jul-09 16:46:09

We did try that once but all we was doing is running up n down every 5 mins as he wouldn't settle so gave up.

girlynut Sun 26-Jul-09 15:08:16

I've been trying to get my 6 week old into something of a bedtime routine alongside my 4 year old son.

I give DS2 one breast at 5.30ish then he has a bath around 6ish. Meanwhile DS1 plays in his room or watches some TV. When I take baby out of the bath, his brother gets in. He's old enough to be left in the bath whilst I dry and massage baby.

Then, once DS1 is dried and in PJs (which he does himself with encouragement), we all sit down together for a story whilst I give DS2 the other breast. Baby usually falls asleep in my arms so, after tucking in DS1, I put baby in his moses basket in my room.

Both kids in bed by 7 - 7.30pm. Seems to be working...

A regular routine might help your little one settle. But if not there's nothing wrong with keeping him downstairs whilst he's so young.

cece Sun 26-Jul-09 15:23:51

I think it is normal for bf babies to cluster feed in the evening. They need to build up the milk in their tummies in order to sleep longer during the night I believe.

DS2 is 8 weeks also and feeds a lot in the evenings. I have noticed in the past week or so though that he is starting to go to sleep at aboput 9.30/10 pm, whereas before it was about 11 pm. I just sort of assume that at some point it will reduce again till about 7pm. This will then become his bedtime!

TBH I am rather enjoying my time with him in the evenings. Perhaps because I know I won't be having anymore! (In fact I felt a little sad when he stopped his 3 am feed hmm) LOL

JezzaJ9 Mon 03-Aug-09 20:47:50


We introduced a bedtime routine from 5 weeks, we did not have any other rules or schedule but this and it has really worked. DS is nearly 8 months and is in Bed by 7pm most nights we have the occasional night where we have to settle him bit more often than not he goes down. Even when we have been away anywhere we stuck to Bath, Massage, Story then feed BF /bottle.

At first I thought I was banging my head against a brick wall I was in my room with the lights dimmed for 2 hours but it worked after a couple of weeks and he fed for 40mins, then 20 mins etc. I believe now that actually keeping him downstairs before this was disturbing him more and making him cluster feed for comfort when he was actually needing his bed! I watched TV with headphones on so the room was peaceful. xxx

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