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cc v's pick up put down

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kbaby Fri 20-May-05 21:17:03

DD 1 year has hardly ever slept through and is now waking twice a night plus ready for the day at 5am. Weve decided not to take her out of the cot when she woke and instead stood by the cot but she screams if you leave which means that each time she wakes was taking 1-2hrs to get her back to sleep. It means for the past week weve been getting 4hrs sleep each night. Anyway, weve decided to do cc but DD instead of just leaving dd each time she stands up he goes in and lays her back down. He does this upto 15 attemps at which point she gives up and goes to sleep.
I was wondering which would have the best success rate for a 1 year old.

spod Fri 20-May-05 21:25:25

i did pupd mainly, but in the end found that just taking her into my bed meant everyone got some sleep. She had very bad wind at night though and was in pain... now she sleeps through, no probs, no insisting that she has to be in bed with me.... i think shes actually more reassured becasue of sleeping in with me, and knows that if she does wake and need me she can come in with me., It didnt set up any bad sleep habits as everyone said it would. Shes only 19 months now and still comes in with me if needed... so much easier all round. I ddont think cc would ever work for us, partly because i cant see it though and its too distressing, but mainly because it involved being awake when there is an easier solution. But, cosleeping isnt for everyone, good luck, but i vote for pupd.

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