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How to keep baby warm at night?

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phdlife Mon 06-Jul-09 00:56:23

I'm in Australia, it's winter which means it's getting down as low as 6 degrees at night. And because our stupid houses are built to keep cool, it's only a touch warmer inside. So dd (12 weeks) is in a vest and a fleece sleepsuit, under a fleece blanket, a flannelette sheet, and a heavy cotton blanket. Her body is warm but her hands when I feed her at 2am are icicles and her head is cold - she wakes in the morning with a stuffy nose. I've tried putting a little hat on her (not sure if that's ok with FSIDs advice?) but it just pops off when she turns her head.

We have a heater but it's in ds's room which is colder than ours, but I'm just wondering if anyone has any other tips for keeping dd warm? Or should I not worry.

MoominMymbleandMy Mon 06-Jul-09 00:59:47

I would be worried but we co-sleep so we keep the baby warm.

Shitemum Mon 06-Jul-09 01:15:55

Put DD in with DS?
Maybe add a layer between vest and sleepsuit - a cotton babygrow?

You need to feel down the nape of her neckor her chest to see if she's really cold, cold hands is normal.

Grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr Mon 06-Jul-09 01:21:06

A Growbag? you can get high tog ones, then put bankets on top??

Shitemum Mon 06-Jul-09 01:32:35

2nd the Growbag, they are great. Also if she's in a cot put a bumper in, it cuts down the draughts. I'm not sure if bumpers are one of the things that can increase SIDS tho...

littleboyblue Mon 06-Jul-09 03:58:35

Ds1's hands were always cold as a baby but his body was fine. I used to put socks over his hands in the winter as they stay on better than mittens

WhatSheSaid Mon 06-Jul-09 04:18:35

I have dd in singlet, pjs, Grobag and then a blanket over the top. She is 20mo though so not as young as your dd. I was v glad she was born in Nov so her first 6 or 7 months were warm before she had to experience the "winter in a shed" aspect of NZ life.

You can get fleecy Grobag-type things which I had for dd's first winter, some of them have sleeves so are very warm.

Do you have an oil heater? I have one in dd's room, I put it on low when I go to bed and it keeps the room fairly warm all night. If it's on low it's not using too much power and seems to keep the chill out. You can get ones with timers adn thermostats etc so you can set to come on at 2am at a certain temperature.

Also have very thick lined curtains that I close as soon as it starts to get dark, to keep any heat from the day in.

Grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr Mon 06-Jul-09 09:52:55

get baby tights and cut a head hole in between the legs, she won't be able to pull them off wink

I never used that as i never had any baby tights (boy) but i remember a lot of my friends using it.

frankbestfriend Mon 06-Jul-09 09:59:35

Iirc, the temperature of the babies extremities is not a good indicator of whether they are warm or cool enough. Check this by touching baby's chest or tummy.

And definitely no bumpers in the cot!

If her body is warm I wouldn't worry too much.

phdlife Mon 06-Jul-09 12:20:01

it's not her hands I'm worried about, I know they get cold. and her body temp (back of the neck) usually seems ok

it's just her head. her cheeks are always cold to touch, even if dh's and mine are warm. and the top of her head is cold too.

all the layers business stresses me out thanks to those FSIDs warnings all over UK blankets, Bounty packs etc.

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