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very sleepy 11 week old

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Roopoo Sat 04-Jul-09 22:54:03

Just wondered if this was normal for an 11 week old??

Get up 10am

First nap around 12.15 (sleeps for around 1.5 hours)

Second nap around 3.00 (sleeps for around 1.5 hours)

Third nap 6.00 (sleeps for around an hour)

Bedtime 9pm

Dream feed at 11pm

DD sleeps through until 7.15am
feed then back to sleep until 10am

Is this routine OK, it's one that DD has naturally fallen into. Or is she sleeping too much. She has been sleeping through since about week 5 which worried us but she gets all her feeds during her waking hours

DanielBumpsMummy Sat 04-Jul-09 23:29:46

It sounds wonderful to me....we went through a period where we thought my DS slept too much. Now we laugh at how foolish we were because he won't nap very much during the day smile

ches Sun 05-Jul-09 02:14:16

Enjoy it, it won't last!

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