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Breaking night feed habit in toddler!!!! I think...

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Annya Tue 09-Jun-09 17:55:53

My son has been waking at least once a night for a bottle of milk since he was born. He is two years and 3 months. I had been too scared to try training him to go without - there was always a reason why it couldn't be tonight. The other day after he woke at 3 and then 4 (sadly not particularly unusual) I decided enough was enough.

The next evening (Mon) I told him there would be no bottles that night cos he was a big boy etc. He woke at 3, asked for a bottle, I said no, remember you are a big boy etc, lie down and I will sing you a song. He did and I did and then I left and that was that!! Til about 5 when he woke again and I did the same thing. He eventually got up about 7.

I can't believe it was soooo easy and that I had put it off for nearly two years. Last night was exactly the same. Hopefully song can also be phased out but it's a massive improvement on a bloomin bottle.

Anyway just wanted to post something about positive about breaking the dreaded night waking. Almost.

bubblagirl Tue 09-Jun-09 18:07:52

could you leave a cup of water or milk with him i would say water but i did have to dot his gradual with ds to start with

my ds is 4 and has always had to go to bed with a drink and loves waking up knowing its there and can have some drink and then go off again

could you maybe buy special night time non spill cup get him to choose and then he can take it to bed and you can remind him this is his night time drink now

maybe send the bottles away with night time fairy who will lave the special cup instead

bubblagirl Tue 09-Jun-09 18:08:49

just read it was positive thread lol read it too quick lol im glad it worked for you

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