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What on earth is going on with my sleep?

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Lovemyshoes Fri 29-May-09 09:33:25

I started being a bad sleeper once I had had children.

For the past couple of weeks it seems to have been getting worse, I am waking more or less every hour for a good 20 minutes from midnight onwards.

I have zero energy at the minute and have booked next week off work to go through the house top to bottom with a fine toothcomb, but, can't see it happening if I feel like this.

Any idea what it could be? I don't drink during the week and If I do it's one can of cider, I only have one cup of tea a day and that's in the morning and I can't remember the last time I had some cola etc. I had a drink of horlicks last night 1/2 hour before bed.

I also try to read for an hour before I turn out the light.

I am worried about dd2 at the minute, so maybe that has some bearing on it, does anyone have any advice/tips?

bubblagirl Fri 29-May-09 19:35:31

i find when i'm anxious i wake every hour every night its the brains way of dealing with things would it help to talk to someone what is troubling you with dd so it eases some worry off your mind

Lovemyshoes Mon 01-Jun-09 20:36:17

sorry i missed your reply. Yes I think it would help. Something has happened recently and because all my circle of friends and acqauintences know each other it is difficult to find someone to talk to who is not involved.

bubblagirl Tue 02-Jun-09 14:37:37

post on here under different name if it helps and then you can get all the help you need without outing yourself but it may help ease your worries i hope you feel better soon x

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