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So proud of DS <<coughs>&gt; and myself

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suwoo Tue 24-Feb-09 10:38:13

DS is 2.2 and has never slept through. The worst night we ever had was 21 wakings before midnight <<head explodes>>. That was the night we started co-sleeping, he was just under 1.

I a having baby no 3 in August and decided to move DS out of the bed now, expecting it to take that long.

I've slept on the floor next to his cot for the last 10 nights and managed to settle him back that way. He has still woken twice every night for milk, bt I can live with that.

Last night, he 'allowed' me to sleep in my bed and he stayed in his. He woke twice and went back to sleep after milk and let me go back to my bed- result!!!!!!!!!

I am not expecting things to go smoothly every single night, but I am so pleased with what I've we've achieved, I thought I'd share. grin.

MrsJoeMcIntyre Tue 24-Feb-09 10:59:12

I think you are fantastic. You have achieved the impossible. Well done, and big kisses to ds.

Now, get yourself to my house and sort dd out, forthwith.

suwoo Tue 24-Feb-09 11:00:47

Ooh get me, the new 'SHWNBN', 'cept no controled crying was neccessary. In fact, no crying at all <<boasts>>.

MrsJoeMcIntyre Tue 24-Feb-09 11:06:41

<cries> I have no more sleep deprived friends. I am officially on my own in this boat now.

suwoo Tue 24-Feb-09 11:07:56

Once sleep deprived, always sleep deprived. Anyway, 2 wakings is hardly fantastic in most peoples books is it.

ItsThatFuckerSQUONKagain Tue 24-Feb-09 11:11:42

oh wow! well done you!

MrsJoe - dd2 (4.8) still wakes several times a night. Either dp or I always sleep with her in her bed nowadays, so you're not the only sleep-deprived MNer grin

suwoo Tue 24-Feb-09 11:12:46

Nice name Squonk! How very rude.

andyrobo237 Tue 24-Feb-09 23:11:30

Wow, that is an improvement! I was thinking about you the other day and wondering how you were getting on in the Sleep department!

We still have a little horror here - managed until 12am on his own, then has to come in with us! We were away for 4 days last week and he started off in the travel cot and ended up onan airbed with me as DD refused to sleep on it!

I am planning on getting an airbed this weekend and will start on Sunday night, once have got DD;s party out of the way!

Mrs Joe - no, we are still in the same boat!! I cannot see T ever managing in a bed unless he can do the whole slepp thing, and DD will still be in her toddler bed at the age of 20!!

thumbwitch Tue 24-Feb-09 23:16:08

lumme, I was getting worried that DS (14.5mo) has spent 90% of the last two weeks (nights) in my bed cos he has a bit of a cold; he has taken to refusing to go back down in his cot after waking for his 1-2am feed and I usually give in blush cos he makes such a noise!

I shall wait until he has been doing it for a bit longer before I start to worry... wink

Well done Suwoo!

MrsJoeMcIntyre Wed 25-Feb-09 09:29:05

Andyrobo - how awful does B&M look?

<slight hijack>

andyrobo237 Wed 25-Feb-09 12:43:50

<continues slight hijak>

B&M is shocking!! shock Felt wrong going in there, but at least some Woolies staff are employed there. But they sell such rubbish!!! I noticed the old Woolies in Bootle had converted to B&M and was not surprised, but here!!! Feel like putting the house up for sale and moving - dragging the area down!!!! LOL!

Did you have fun at Center Parcs?

MrsJoeMcIntyre Wed 25-Feb-09 13:00:05

Hmmm, 4 days at close quarters with 8 members of your family is certainly interesting!

I am horrified by B&M, I am also horrified by the non-descript discount store that has appeared where Smiths used to be, and I was disgusted by the amount of litter at Deyes Lane Shops last Friday, bearing in mind it was half term.

I am trying to think of ways to somehow get onto some kind of committee. I am sick of the Maghull Group trying to turn us into a run-down, Kirby-type dump.

It also makes me want to move. sad

andyrobo237 Wed 25-Feb-09 13:15:21

Yes, I dont do large family holiday gatherings - far too much like hard work, and if parents are there you revert back to child again!

Hope DD is ok and enjoyed her holiday! My DS turned 2 last week - not a baby anymore sad!! Also elder DD is 7 tomorrow - eeek!

But I got to hold a friends 7 day old baby last week, which was good!

MrsJoeMcIntyre Wed 25-Feb-09 13:42:01

Do you keep in touch with anyone else from <shudder> Baby Buddies? Any more babies around?

andyrobo237 Wed 25-Feb-09 21:40:00

Yes - Sheryl with Baby Sam (now has Louie as well 4 months old), Sally with Grace and Clare with Evie (now with Max - 2 weeks I think!). I see a few a the Childrens Centre on a Monday morning at Messy Play - gets me out of the house!! I guess that was not a happy experience for you grin!!

I think it is interesting the mix of people you come across who all you have in common is a child of similar age - doesnt mean you would become best buddies!

MrsJoeMcIntyre Thu 26-Feb-09 09:02:55

Ooooh, messy play? Can I come???

andyrobo237 Thu 26-Feb-09 13:10:32

Of course! It is a drop in session between 9.30 and 10.30 on a Monday. I wont be going this week as we have the last Toddler yoga to do, but will be the week after!

MrsJoeMcIntyre Thu 26-Feb-09 14:02:13

The Children's Centre in Netherton?

andyrobo237 Thu 26-Feb-09 21:57:10

Nah, the one in Hudson School where you did the Jo Jingles once! They have phoned today about toddler yoga so maybe it isnt on this Monday, so I have to call them tomorrow, to see what the score is, so may be going to Messy Play after all!!

andyrobo237 Fri 27-Feb-09 13:20:39

We are now going to Messy Play on Monday as yoga is cancelled! Hopefully see you there!

MrsJoeMcIntyre Fri 27-Feb-09 13:47:44

I'll see what time we rise! Maybe we could have a coffee afterwards?

andyrobo237 Fri 27-Feb-09 21:40:42

Sounds like a plan! You can email me at

androbinson@sky dot com

Just turn the 'dot' to a '.' and remove the spaces!!

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