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Nightmare to get to sleep suddenly

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JasminesMummy Thu 07-Apr-05 15:30:25

Hi all - looking for some tips to keep me sane!
My almost 15 month old has always been brilliant at going to bed with only the occasional blip. She goes up at 7pm on the dot and rolls over and closes her eyes. Until Saturday. She went to stay with my mother in law (not the first time)who didn't put her to bed until about 8.30 and she then woke at 1am until 5am! Sunday afternoon she developed a temperature and has since had a chest infection and been on antibiotics. So not sure what started the bad sleep pattern - late night or illness or both. Since Sunday she refuses to go to bed and despite my efforts has not gone to sleep before 9.00-9.30. She is better now but just keeps getting up and crying. When I try just laying her back down she turned it into a game and started laughing (I didn't!). Eventually hubby got her to sleep by rocking her in his arms (not a habot I want to get into.
Any advice anyone - I'm desperate.
Lisa & Jasmine x

icedbun Sat 09-Apr-05 12:57:55

sorry you're havnig a bad time, we're going through the same thig with our 18month old daugheter, since clocks changed been absolute nightmare, taking two hours to settle. COmplete hyesteria at being put in cot and soemtmes waking in night too same thing. Has to be rocked to sleep. I'm going to try a new nightlight as someone suggested and also sending mg hubby in rather than me as seh gets more hyesterical when i leave the room hth x

TracyK Sat 09-Apr-05 13:06:17

I think dads are better at this than mummies. dhnever has a prob with our ds - but if I do it I only work 50% of the time.
maybe she's still a bit poorly - have you tried raising her cot head or giving her a little pillow?
we also have the little night light with the lullabys and ds loves it.

JasminesMummy Wed 13-Apr-05 12:10:15

I think we're through it! I was very strong and just kissed her goodnight and left the room (stood outside biting my nails!) she whinged on and off for about 50 mins first night, 20 the second and about 5 last night! It was really hard as I'm a softie and have never let her cry before. I did try the pillow and she seems to like that - especially as she came down with yet another cold yesterday!
Thanks all,
Lisa and Jasmine x

TracyK Wed 13-Apr-05 12:14:37

well done - she was prob building up to showing the symptoms of the cold so maybe was a bit poorly anyway.

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