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Expectations too High?

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Spoo Tue 05-Apr-05 14:18:00

I have a nine week old who has a fantastic bed time routine, However he is not yet going through the night. He goes down very easily at 8p.m and sleeps through till 1 - 2 ish when he has a feed. He then wakes again at 4 -5 with grumbling but seems to be easily put back to sleep until 6 when I feed him.

I have tried the dream feed at 10p.m but it seems he still wakes for the 1-2a.m. feed.

Am I being unreasonable to expect him to go through at nine weeks? Should I perservere with the dream feed even though he still wakes at 1a.m.

Any advice please?

vict17 Tue 05-Apr-05 14:21:48

My ds at this age went to bed at 6pmish, woke at 12am/1am and then 3 or 4am for a feed. Then he gradually only woke at 4am for a feed, until about 3 months old wehn he started sleeping through

Nimme Tue 05-Apr-05 14:24:33

DD2 continued to wake up at 1-2 for sometime when I introduced the dream feed. I then dropped it thinking it wasn't working (and I was truly shattered and needed some sleep). I started again a couple of weeks later and after a week or so she stopped waking up at 1-2am. I think it takes 1-2 weeks to break a habit - give your DS time to adjust.

fruitful Tue 05-Apr-05 14:29:23

Mmm, could be expecting a bit much. DD was still waking at 10pm, 2am, 4.30am and finally 7.30am at 6 months... But ds is of course going to sleep through next week (he's 7wks). .

Spoo Tue 05-Apr-05 14:53:28

Thanks for all your advice. I think I will try the dream feed again after our holiday.

Just soo tired - would do anything for full nights kip!


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