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My baby does not go bed until 11pm and isnt sleeping through

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daisey Thu 17-Mar-05 18:28:04

My baby is nearly 6mths and is not sleeping through the night.He seems to wake at 2,4 and 7am after that hes wide awake. We put him to bed at 11pm because once hes been down for 8hrs even if he hasnt slept through he will not settle back to sleep and is wide awake.I am breastfeeding but have been giving him a bottle at night to fill him up,we have also just started weaning.

sacha3taylor Thu 17-Mar-05 18:29:37

God you must be exhausted, have you spoken to your health visitor?

desperatehousewife Thu 17-Mar-05 18:39:17

Have you tried just leaving to cry and seeing if that works?

bundle Thu 17-Mar-05 18:40:32

what kind of bedtime routine do you have?

Papillon Thu 17-Mar-05 18:51:30

Lots of babies don´t sleep through at 6 months. If he is used to going to bed at 11pm then his body clock will be set for sleeping at that time.

If you did try to put him to bed earlier then perhaps when he wakes up... keep him awake for an hour and then start trying to put him back to bed... it will take time and patience though. It will take him time to get the drift - especially if he associates night with 8 hours and not 11 or 12. My dd has never slept 12 hours - she does about 11 if I am lucky.

My nephew is down at 9.30pm and up at 5am... sleeps about 1 hour during the day. Has great stamina and appears to not need the the sleep that other babes do.

all the best

daisey Thu 17-Mar-05 19:32:36

We bath him at 9.30 every nite and start to settle him down at 10.15pm with a bottle and i top him off with a breast until he falls asleep. Before he wouldnt go bed until 1.30am and it wouldnt be a minute b4 that so we have pushed the time back a bit.

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