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8 month old waking in night and allergic to cot...

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HaventAClue Tue 07-Oct-08 13:55:02

My 8 1/2 month old dd has been quite a good sleeper until the past week, we put her into her cot about 8-8.30 after her bedtime routine and she would sleep about 10 hours straight most nights.
However last week she was quite ill, had a nasty cold and a temperature and woke in the night very upset several times a night, the only way we found of soothing her was putting her in the bed with us to sleep and she would eventually stop crying and drop off with me cuddling her.
She is now better but she now wakes every night between 11 and 2 crying, we can't see any particular reason for it - she isn't hungry (I have bf her and it's made no difference) or particularly wet etc. We can pick her up/rock her/soother her, she can be quite calm in our arms or even asleep, but as soon as we start putting her back into the cot the screaming starts again. Now the only thing that stops her crying is being transferred to our bed, she then magically stops crying, sucks her thumb, then drops off!
How can we get her to stay in her cot? There seems to be no other way of soothing her when she wakes up like this, we've tried patting/stroking/calming techniques and she just works herself up into a real state until we pick her up then she goes calm, until we approach the cot.....
She is teething atm btw, but surely this wouldn't just kick in in the middle of the night and stop when she's in our bed hmm ?
Sorry about long post, we're getting no sleep with her in bed last night she kept tweaking dh's nose and pulling my hair in her sleep angry
Any advice very gratefully received smile

ches Tue 07-Oct-08 16:40:37

Separation anxiety... enjoy the next 3 months. Easiest way is to stay in the room with them until they drop off.

Plussizemummy Thu 16-Oct-08 09:39:40


HensMum Thu 16-Oct-08 09:46:06

Could be teething you know, if it's just a niggly pain, it would be enough to wake and need some extra cuddles. Have you tried the teething powders? They seem to chill DS out. And there's always Calpol.

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