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Sudden reduction in sleep requirement

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ellasmum Thu 13-Feb-03 20:29:06


My 10 month old DD has suddenly decided she doesn't need to sleep as much during the day. She has dropped her morning nap and is now only sleeping for one hour at about 1.30pm (used to be half and hour in the morning and then 1.5 hours at lunchtime). In addition she now goes to bed half an hour later than she used to - at about 7.15pm. She still sleeps well at night and has about 12 hours.

I am not hugely bothered about it as she seems totally happy on this amount of sleep - but was just wondering of other people found that this happened??

Purely selfishly I am gutted at the loss of sleep as I am 5 months pregnant and could do with the extra 'time off' - 11 hours constant entertainment is wearing me out!!!

janinlondon Fri 14-Feb-03 11:45:05

Sorry Ellasmum. Falls entirely within the normal range. Mine even started dropping the afternoon nap or reducing it to half an hour by about 14 months. It was gone completely at 18 months. And 12 hours a night reduced down to 10 -11 hours by age 2. Lucky you didn't find this out till before you were pregnant or there might not have been a no.2!!(LOL!)

ellasmum Fri 14-Feb-03 14:12:55

Oh God - no lunchtime nap by 18 months!! That does not sound good.

Claireandrich Fri 14-Feb-03 19:54:15

DD is also 10 months old and we have noticed exactly the same trend. She is now having just a couple of half hour naps through the day. She goes to bed at about 7:30pm (give or take) and sleeps for about 12 hours too. Must be the norm I guess!

I do miss the chance to get some 'off' time too, just to get the dishes done or a cuppa - and I don't have the excuse of being pg!!!

prufrock Fri 14-Feb-03 22:41:36

Yep - dd (9months) has now decided that she will not sleep at all during thr day at nursery. She lies in her cot for about 15 minutes every time they try to put her down then starts yelling when she gets bore. It is starting to affect her nghttime sleep though - she is so tired taht she is in bed by 6.30, and tehn up earlier in the am. NO idea what to do - she will sleep perfect Gf times at weekends, but that is in a dark room, with her dog and mobile, which is impossible to arrange at nursery.

bossykate Sat 15-Feb-03 06:58:20

you might well find this settles down again as they get more mobile. my ds gave up his lunchtime nap at 9 weeks (!) but since he has been walking he has had a good sleep after lunch. also (sorry haven't read the whole thread, so apologies if this has already been said), but i would gradually cut out the morning nap if they are still having one, as this should also improve matters. with the benefit of hindsight, i would have done this much earlier with ds.


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