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help with setting up sleep habits for 10 week old -really dumb questions as books confusing me

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poppy34 Sun 31-Aug-08 20:51:14

am confused about whether I should count my blessings/be getting a routine in place.

am dead lucky as dd been sleeping from 10 -6/7 for last 2 weeks (I know this is soo good so fingers crossed it lasts) but I'm concerned that not getting into good habits with napping/bedtime routine. basically I try to settle her at 7ish after a bath and bottle but have no luck (either doesnt settle at all or only for up to 20/30 minutes before starts crying or is completely awake again). Her naps are around 1 -1/2 hours from 8.30 -10, then shorter one before lunch (30/45 minutes),another shorter one after lunch at about 2/2.3o and usually gets sleepy about 5 - this time she can sleep if allowed for an hour or so.

Also am I doing the right thing - she starts to get sleepy and I am usually holding her - I try to get her in her cot before she is too deeply asleep but with varied success. is this the correct thing to do to get her settling herself (she can do this on occasion eg at night, in car/pushchair) or am I missing the point

Ok this may be early days but I'm worried that I'm getting her into other bad habits re sleeping that could come back and haunt me later .

any tips on what I could do/whether this is too early and if so when I should look to getting a routine

Habbibu Sun 31-Aug-08 20:55:55

OK. Don't worry about "bad habits" at this stage. It will drive you mad, and she's tiny still. She's doing roughly what my dd did except with longer naps. dd was breastfed to sleep until she gave it up at about 7 months, when she gave it up of her own accord. We did go through a sticky patch wrt sleep, once she was weaned (!), but did very gentle gradual withdrawal helping her get to sleep on her own. She is now 22 months, and goes down like a lamb, and has done for ages now. Look at lots of different ideas, take your time, and work out what suits you, your baby and your family best. But there really is no rush if you are happy with how things are just now - she's very very little.

poppy34 Sun 31-Aug-08 21:02:50

thanks thats is reassuring.. I just worry that you can get them into bad habits (although she is a little poppet really)... would be nice to have evenings back but that'll come (plus she can be so cute when she wakes up and grins at you I can forgive her most things grin)

HRHQueenElizabethII Sun 31-Aug-08 21:07:43

Oh, I spent way too long worrying about bad habits. dd used to feed from 5-10 pm pretty much non-stop. I miss that sometimes - it was one big cuddle.

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