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Is the problem than she can't settle herself?

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Tobermory Sat 16-Aug-08 15:52:36

My DD (15 months) has had several phases of unsettled sleep, in fact seems to have more unsettled nights than sleep throughs...or maybe i just think that because im shattered

For a while now her night times have been really disturbed. She sleeps solidly from bed time (though is pretty much asleep by the time she is put in cot) to the eraly hours. then any time after midnight she is very 'shouty' and unserttled. . She wakes/stirs and needs bottom patting or cuddling to get back to sleep, although on occassion is WIDE awake and needs cuddling for a while, this happens, on average 5/6 times a night.
She eats well during the day so Im sure its not hunger although we have tried giving her a bottle as a last resort on occasion. But she is generally not bothered or will have a small amount, def. not hungry.

I thought we had a good bedtime routine, always bath then to bedroom to be changed into night gear and bottle. but maybe weve made things hard for ourselvs and indeed for her....she always has her bottle with the lights out and is very sleepy and very close to alseep by the time m,ilk is done. In fact sometimes she is so tired she cant finish her milk.
She also finds it hard, almlst impossible to fall asleep during the day without being rocked, bum patted/ walked in the pushcahir.

So, is this the problem?
Does she wake up in the night and not know how to fall back to sleep?
If so, how on earth do i go aboput correcting it?

Why does she wake at all? She has 5-6 really solid hours of sleep, what on earth makes her wake up and sleep mpre fitfully?

Any great ideas anyone?

Tobermory Sat 16-Aug-08 17:23:26

no ideas or simply a rubbish title?!!

EyeballsintheSky Sat 16-Aug-08 17:30:10

No advice Tobermory but exactly the same problem here with dd (7mo). Sleeps like a log for first few hours, then gets unsettled and keeps waking. She is also fed to sleep and I don't know how to break the habit so I'm watching the thread with interest.

Tobermory Sat 16-Aug-08 19:56:08

Tried a slightly different approach tonight...has taken longer to settle her.....

this was quite interesting

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