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Please help... 4 month old will not settle in the evenings

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fromheretomaternity Thu 07-Aug-08 19:37:41

My 4 month old DS used to settle well after his evening routine (bath, massage, feed, bed). Then one night all of a sudden a few weeks ago he just wouldn't go to sleep, and ever since he has been really hard to settle. I feed him, he gets sleepy, I put him down, he cries, pick him up, feed him again, put him down... I tend to end up feeding him to sleep despite my best intentions to put him down awake as I'm exhausted by then.

When he cries if i put my finger in his mouth he sucks on it really hard - does that mean he's still hungry? (he is big for his age and breastfed, though am just starting to wean). Or does he just want to suck? He won't take a dummy.

Have tried leaving him to cry but he just gets frantic.

He sleeps well in the day so long as we are on the move (pushchair, car, rocked to sleep in chair)

I am getting desperate, I have lost my evenings. Does anyone have any advice? please? sad

nickytwotimes Thu 07-Aug-08 19:45:58

Well, before someone else tells you, you know it's meant to be 6 mths before weaning, don't you? Tbh, I think 'Your baby, your decision', but thought I'd better say it anyway!

It sounds like your lo is hungry. Are you bfing? Might be time to cluster feed.

Sorry for you. I remember this time with shudders, lol!

Btw, does he sleep quite well once you do get him to sleep?

nickytwotimes Thu 07-Aug-08 19:46:48

Should just say too that I ddin't bf for very long - some great bfers here though who can tell you better.

fromheretomaternity Thu 07-Aug-08 19:52:20

he seems happy eating solids - wolfs down the baby rice - but am taking it slowly.

how does cluster feeding work?

nickytwotimes Thu 07-Aug-08 19:54:00

Cluster feeding is lots of frequent feeds to help build up your supply.
It is common in the evenings apparently.

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