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Help! DD can't get to sleep

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mum2oneloudbaby Mon 04-Aug-08 14:26:42

dd 8mos sleeps well when asleep but can't get too sleep without bf or rocking.

tried CC which never really worked.

just read Baby Whisperer which seems sensible enough but now she just seems to cry herself to sleep in my arms rather than in the cot because she doesn't stop screaming for me to put her back in her cot until she is virtually asleep.

anybody any experience of pu/pd know if the screaming will stop ever enough to put her down?

she doesn't have a problem with the cot btw quite happy in it until she is at the point of falling asleep and also will play in it once she has woken.

Is it just a time/age thing? Any other suggestions?

PanT Mon 04-Aug-08 16:07:51

I use PU/PD with my 9 month old DS and over the last few weeks at some naps/bedtime he has started screaming and not stopping (since he has been crawling and pulling himself up so I am thinking developmental) so that I can put him down in his cot so what I do is take him out of his room and go into the bathroom as being in there calms him down for some reason and then go back to his room and lay him in his cot. I may have to repeat this but it does work and I can start doing PU/PD properly. The BW also talks of a "mantra" cry that they do when they are self settling which DS does do so I just stay with him and stroke his head or back. I have always found that PU/PD does work but it isn't a quick fix so just ensure that you see it through - it can be hard as I have been there but the longest it has ever taken is 30 mins.

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